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Choose the perfect furniture for your event

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When you are in the process of organizing an event, thousands of ideas can pass through your head, but it’s important that you always keep in mind the clear objectives you wish to achieve. It’s not enough that the place looks beautiful, it also must be comfortable and functional. Remember that people stay in a place when they feel comfortable.

So once everything is well organized and you manage to project harmony between the elements, you can divide the space into areas and consider the needs of each one. For example:

  • Food area:there you can locate a large or elongated table with some decorative ornaments or subtle flowers arrangements, but always giving enough space to the most important thing: the food. This way, you will allow that your guests enjoy their meal without risk of accidents.

  • Coexistence area:this space, dedicated to rest and comfort should create an atmosphere that leads to pleasant conversations, supported by illuminated tables, chairs or poufs, lamps and of course, a clear field of vision so it will not interfere in the contact of people.

  • Show area:if the event carries out a show or recreational moment, it requires special furniture such as stage, seats, dance floor, lights, tent, canopies, etc. Everything will depend on the type of celebration.

Once you define the concept of your event we’ll, get to work! You’ll see that everything flows easier.

Choose the perfect combination of colors for your event

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We know that one of the most exciting and important things in the organization of an event is the selection of the predominant colors. From there, the details, such as tablecloths, lights, flowers, napkins and the rest of the decoration, will be defined. That is why you must be clear about your objectives when planning time begins.

If you still do not decide what the tones of your event will be, here are some tips that will be very helpful:

  • Define what you want to project:It is well known that colors project and generate different kinds of emotions: tranquility, fun, romanticism, etcetera. If it is a corporate event, it is important that you consider the values of the brand, the area in which it operates and the psychology of colors. For example: When they are technological brands, usually the predominant tones are blue and gray. These provide security and confidence.
  • Consider the environment:sometimes just by seeing what is around, you can get that inspiration or clarity you need to choose the colors. Especially if it is open spaces or outdoors such as a garden or the beach.

  • Take into consideration the colors according to the season of the year in which the event will take place.For each of them there are perfect combinations that make harmony with the environment. For example:
  1. – Spring: the subtle, pastel, and neutral tones, matching the freshness of the season.
  2. – Summer: warmer, vibrant, bright and full of life colors.
  3. – Autumn: brown, earth, golden, orange, toasted, chocolate and olive green.
  4. – Winter: this cold season can be combined perfectly with shades of white, gray, blue, ocher, red, green and gold, because a touch of color enhances the staging.

Now after these tips, are you ready to start choosing your combinations?

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