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Why to choose an outdoor wedding?

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There are plenty of things to consider when planning your wedding. From the dress to the flowers and the food.

One important detail is the venue but before you can start looking for it you need to decide if you would like to get married inside or outside.

Many people think outside weddings may be a little optimistic because of the one detail we can’t control, the weather. But there are so many other reason for choosing an outside celebration that will definitely get your attention:

  • The setting: an outdoor wedding option guarantee a spectacular background setting for your pictures. Can you imagine saying your vows overlooking a river, garden or meadow?
  • The sounds and smell: you’ll hear birds, wildlife and perhaps flowing water depending on where your venue is. Also, if you’re enjoying a spring or summer wedding the smell of freshly cut grass, blossoming flowers and leafy tree’s will create an aroma you cannot match indoors.
  • The space: you’ll probably still have your limits on guest numbers but the space they can enjoy being outside can’t be matched in an indoor venue.

Maybe It might rain. But let’s face it, no wedding venue is going to let that ruin your day, there will always be a plan B ready just in case!

Valentine’s Day is not only for couples!

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We always focused Valentine’s day on couples in love, but we are forgetting that is also a day to celebrate friendships. During our life, we meet special people that become our family and what is more important than family? The answer is nothing so let’s celebrate the friends in our lives!

For this special occasion, we give you some tips to be an amazing host to a different kind of celebration. First the fun! You can arrange to rent a photobooth or a karaoke they will    guarantee a marvelous time for you and your friends!

The decoration. Go to your local grocery and grab flowers in the same color family (maybe not so red) and make some striking centerpieces of floral arrangements. Add some tablecloth, white dishes and some little touches that make a fab looking table.

Drinks and food! A good sangria is easy to make and always a hit. But you can’t serve only drinks although is always the most popular, some delicious quiches will be the perfect match. Also, don’t forget the sweets! Grab somewhere the day some donuts they are easy to serve, look lovely in the table and be honest, who doesn’t like them?

So, are you ready throw a Galentine’s day this year?

The Sweet table!

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Is a must at every party, and no one of your guest will be able to resist a bite. In one hand, they are the sweet point of every event, and in the other they decorate like no one else the space, becoming a special surprise for all your guests, if you accomplished an attractive and charming design.

The so called “Candy bar” were born in the United States, specifically in Pennsylvania, around the 50’s. The purpose of this table was to honor the happy couple at their wedding day with delicious desserts made by the family and friends, all presented in one unique table decorated for the special occasion.

As time passes it became a must at every celebration. The type of desserts and the shapes of the tables change and took new forms, in fact now a day every candy bar are authentic works of arts, and for every theme you can discover a whole new idea for create this sanctuary of sweets.

Cakes, mini cakes, cupcakes, macarons, lollypops, brownies, even gummies, among others, are the main characters of the Candy bar. But you can use every sweet you like. Just use your imagination and create a world at the very style of Willy Wonka.

Wonder Woman Sweet Sixteen inspiration

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Wonder Woman came back to remember the world that every girl has a strong goddess inside. What a better way to celebrate your sweet sixteen than showing everybody your inner power and all your glam. We’re going to help to make the big step from Amazon Princess to Superhero in an unforgettable WW themed party. Decorations: Gold, blue and red are the main colours to use. Combine an elegant set with funny centerpieces and balloons. Even when it’s not a little girl’s birthday party don’t miss a big themed cake. Recreate some of the abilities of Diana of Themyscira by incorporating some swords, arrows and cords into decor details. Party = Fun: Be sure to have some elements to make your guests feel like superheroes too. Selfie time will get a higher level with masks, photo props and backdrops. You can even have some capes, belts, bracelets and shields for a “Costume Time” photo session. In the movie Diana talks about her dancing abilities, show yours in one of our lighted dance floors. Styling: You can decide between having a costume party or showing off the glamorous woman you are becoming. We bet on glam. Choose a dress inspired by the ones used in the film or in those worn by Gal Gadot at the premiere. Do the same with your hair style. Be sure to incorporate features of Wonder Woman into details such as your nails, make-up and accessories.

4th of July Wedding Inspiration

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When it comes to organizing an original and memorable wedding, nothing better than reflecting the personality of the bride and groom by choosing a central theme and, from there, blow your imagination. If love to show your Americana soul and aren’t afraid of using strong colors on your Big Day, this Independence Day theme inspirations ideas are perfect for you. Everyone’s favorite summer holiday has a lot of elements to use from styling to decoration. But remember: it’s all about little details, so keep it elegant and chic. So let’s show you how to incorporate red, white and blue in many ways:
  • Styling: Don’t dress like the Flag, but use its details in a funny way. Try with the the bride’s garter or with the groom’s socks or tie. This color combinations will looks beautiful even to dress bridesmaids, groomsmen or flowergirls. Here are some ideas:
  • Flowers: From bouquets to table decorations, nothing’s better than the natural touch of flowers to incorporate beautiful shades of colors into an event.
  • Ceremony and reception: There are many ways to make it work with a 4th of July inspiration. For an outdoor wedding don’t forget to use a tent (see ours) and be sure to recreate a fireworks and stars with lighting. Here you have some ideas even for table and seating decorations.
  • Invitations: Give your guests a clue about the wedding theme with the invitations. Whether you prefer a classic style or a funniest one, there are options for each couple’s personality.
  • Extras: Don’t forget to use a big American flag as photobooth backdrop, it would be perfect. And remember, there’s no 4th of July without lots of sparks… Your photos will look beautiful forever.

Pool Party must have

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Summer is already here and everybody wants to avoid the hot weather without stop having fun. If you have a pool at home, this is your opportunity to became the favorite host of the season. Save this article and remember each of the next tips:   FLOATS: There’s nothing trendiest than having some colorful, fun shaped y VERY BIG floats for your guests. Even the most masculine men would like to use them. PINEAPPLE: The queen of these days. This fruit is essential in every pool party decoration. Keep its originals colors for a natural atmosphere or recreate it in monochromatic vibrant tones for a high level themed party. Pineapples looks even perfect for chic and elegant decorations if you paint them in gold or silver. There’s no need to use real fruits (it’s better to eat or drink them), check out some diy tutorial to make you owns with easy to find materials. Another hot fruit of this summer is the watermelon. ¡Make them yours!   POLYNESIAN VIBE: Who said only children can have animated characters inspired parties? If you like to feel yourself like a polynesian princess in your own palace, just try recreating an island paradise in your backyard. Everything should be about the same theme: decorations, food, beverages, souvenirs, games, costumes and, obviously, YOU! LIGHTS: At night the party gets better, so don’t forget to have an original lighting set to keep the fun in a memorable way after the sun sets.

Mexican Fiesta Essentials

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Mexico is just around the corner, specially for the citizens that habitate the southern region of the United States of America. That’s why its culture has spread in states like Texas and California. But we are not here to talk about geography… we are here to talk about what’s needed to throw an unforgettable MEXICAN FIESTA, one those that going to be commented for day or weeks.

FOOD: The core of mexican culture its the food. Mexican plates are famous all around the world and that’s why there are so many fast-food chains that dedicate their menu for this type of gastronomy. Well, considering this fact, the food must be vital in your Mexican Fiesta. Appetizers like nachos with cheese, chili and guacamule are a must, but don’t leave it there. Add mini tacos (meat, pork or chicken), spicy shrimps, quesadillas, melted cheese with “chorizo” and jalapeños. In case you want to offer lunch or dinner, burritos will be just fine.

DRINKS: Without tequila, there’s no Mexican Fiesta. So offer tequila shots with lemon and salt, and the famous Tequila + Sprite drink. Magaritas (including the spicy one) and Tequila Punch are also classics among mexican drinks. DECOR: Big mexican hats and serapes all over the place! That’s a good thing to start. Remember to decorate with a large palette of colors, because the mexican culture is a happy and colorfull one. For the walls, you can hang mexican hankerchiefs, photos of mexican katrinas or mexican skulls.

Super Planner, your event calculator

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Help is always useful, especially when it comes to Event Planning. That’s why we keep showing you options of apps that can help you before, during and after that unique gathering you’re organizing. So, today we are going to talk about Super Planner, a digital assistant available for Android and Apple’s iOS.

Avoid exceeding the budget, overcrowding a venue, drying your bar too soon or being short of food. Super Planner will work as a calculator to help you in these hard tasks.

Super Planner includes calculators for venue capacity, staffing, catering, staging, projection and dance floor, as well as useful tips in several areas of the Event Planning industry.

Among its features you’ll find:

  1. Calculator for 15 different seating configurations, including banquet, classroom, theater, reception, conference & exhibit.
  2. The calculator works for both feet and meters and also calculates dance floor size.
  3. Calculate the number of drinks, entrees and other catering thing per guest.
  4. Calculate the number of drinks per bottle, according to ml.
  5. Calculator for the staff members needed, according to the event’s details.

For those who want to have every number under control, Super Planner can be very helpful, but you’ll have to pay $9.99 to download on your mobile device.

The app has been working since 2010 and its interface is very friendly. So, if you want to try it, click on the links below:

James Bond and his cocktails

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1953. The British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming brings to life a character… but not any character. It would turn to be the most famous spy in history. That’s James Bond, “AKA” 007. We are sure an important amount of persons in the planet have heard of him. And the ones who hasn’t, are going to in a certain period of their lifes.

Bond, a fictional agent from the Secret Service of Great Britain (MI6), is known as an exceptional spy, but there are other characteristics that made him popular. One of them is his sense of style: suit and tie, or tux. The other one is his ability to enchant women. And the last one, his taste in liquors… and that’s the main theme for today’s blog.

007’s life is not easy. So he usually drains with a couple of cocktails. The main one is the well known vesper. But there are other drinks mentioned on Bond’s novels and films.

THE VESPER: It’s just better to name this piece as “The Bond Martini”. The agent himself gives the recipe in one of the novels by saying: “Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, and half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large slice of lemon-peel”. Clear? Oh! Wait! If you’re asking yourself why it’s called “The Vesper”, the answer is easy: one of Bond’s lovers, Verper Lynd.

SCOTCH AND SODA: Simple, but very British. Bond usually drank this popular mix during the novels. Nevertheless, the movies (25 in total) just show -mainly- his passion for “The Vesper”.

OTHERS: Mojito and Vodka Martini have appearances on Bond’s life, but in a less important role.

So… are you adding “The Vesper” to your next event? Let us know!


Sweet Sixteen: Beauty and The Beast

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“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme… Beauty and The Beast”.

Remember those lyrics? We are sure most of our readers do. They are from the main song of the original motion picture soundtrack of the Disney hit, Beauty and The Beast. It’s a well known animated film, based on a tale, that achieved fame during 1991. Nevertheless, right now the phenomenon has risen again with a live-action adaptation of the movie, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Stanley Tucci, and Ewan McGregor, among other stars. That’s the reason we are here… BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IS TRENDY AGAIN!

If you just saw the film and you’re turning 16, we have a couple of ideas for your theme Sweet Sixteen party.

  1. Single rose centerpiece: Every table should have a single red rose in the middle, covered by a curved glass. Why? Because that’s one of the most important symbols of the movie, taking in consideration it contains the life of the Beast. So, the single rose centerpiece is a lovely idea that will do a huge wink to the theme of your Sweet Sixteen.
  2. Go yellow: Belle’s most outstanding outfit during the film is the one used when she dances with the Beast. She was wearing a beautiful yellow gown. Make sure to go to a seamstress to ask for a similar dress.
  3. Main dance: Go big or go home! If you’re doing this party, do the vals with the original song as music. Dance with your dad, grandfather, best friend, boyfriend, or whomever you like, but don’t forget to order this tune for the moment.
  4. References: On the dessert table or the cake, use references of important characters of the film, like Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip or Cogsworth. You can include them in your cupcake décor or with pastillage figures.
  5. Presents: As farewell gift, we suggest you give red roses. That will put the cherry on top of the pie.
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