Pool covers for more space

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So… you just selected the location for your next event. Everything is going according to the plan and suddenly you realize that you’ll need more space in the outdoor area of the venue. Don’t panic, because there’s always a way to create space. Today, we are going to talk about one of those options.

If that outdoor area has a pool, you just got your life solved. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or big. You are ready to expand!

What are we talking about? Well, with just a beautiful cover over the pool you’ll have a new perspective, because that area you just covered can now be used for something more than swimming.

One of the cleverest way to use a (big) pool cover is as a dance floor. That big acrylic surface can support lots of people dancing and, at the same time, use its translucent nature to let your guests see the water beneath them. In this case, also some LED lights will generate a beautiful reflection.

Another amazing idea is to use the pool cover as the seating area. Illuminate the water and you’ll create a great atmosphere.

If the pool is small, don’t be sad. There are still some options for you. One of them is to use the pool cover as the bar area. The other is to use it as a catering area.

One of the big challenges we have every day as event planners is to take advantage of spaces to increase capacity or to just decorate. Pool covers are great tools for the first one. Give us a call for any question about this theme and to order a pool cover for your next event. We are ready to help you!

Instagram’s new feature is great for events

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Innovation is a must inside all the companies related to technology. You need to move on, or die trying. Social Media enterprises are included in this hostile environment and that’s why we keep seeing new features from them every certain period. The past week Instagram introduced “The Carousel”, a new addition that fits perfectly inside the event industry.

Now Instagram users can upload as many as 10 pictures or videos into a single post. Once uploaded, just swipe to see the whole gallery.

So… how does this feature benefits the event industry? Well, it’s simple. Now community managers and content managers can avoid spamming on Instagram. Instead of posting too much, because there’s lots of material from the event, they can just divide the content by theme and do specific posts with galleries. Most of your followers will be pleased, because they don’t have their timeline full of posts from you. In some cases, you won’t be seen as a spammer anymore.

“With this update, you no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember. Now, you can combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and swipe through to see them all”, resumes Instagram. “When uploading to your feed, you’ll see a new icon to select multiple photos and videos. It’s easy to control exactly how your post will look. You can tap and hold to change the order, apply a filter to everything at once or edit one by one”, adds.

This new option doesn’t mean community managers or content managers are not going to be selective. No! They still have to be, but now they have the valuable chance to share more photos without spamming with several posts.

Just download the new update of Instagram and you´ll be able to upload up to 10 photos or videos into one single post. Go ahead!

How to pick the perfect day

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First of all, let’s make something clear: you don’t want your event to coincide with other gatherings of the industry, because that could mean less audience for you. Simple, but significant. That’s how we start this post, to help you choose the perfect day for your next event.

As we said, the first and most important step is to do some research and avoid any coincidence. Try yours to be the only event that’s going to take place that day. To achieve it, identify your competitors and be informed about what they are planning. This advice is applicable for products launches, conventions or any social gathering.

The second matter to take in consideration are the holidays. Avoid them, unless your planned evening is related to one of them (Ex. Christmas), because that could mean some of your key audience is on vacation and will not attend.

Third, but not least, remember to check on the sporting events calendar. For example, you don’t want your event to coincide with the Super Bowl or the UEFA Champions League final, unless it’s specifically to watch the game in an special environment. If you desire all the attention, don’t mess with sports!

Weather is another thematic that’s vital. You don’t want to organize an outdoor event with cocktail attire in the middle of the hottest day of the year, or you don’t want to plan an outdoor event during a snowy day. That’s clear… isn’t it?

When choosing a date, you’ll need to be focused on your audience. If we are talking about a business event, avoid Saturdays and Sundays. But if we are talking about a social event, the weekend is always a must.

Now you have five things to consider before choosing the perfect day for your next event. Go ahead and choose wisely!

Men // Trendy outfits to get married

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We believe that the wedding season is always around. That’s why we keep bringing subjects about that special day, and for this post we are going to talk about trendy outfits to get married. Guys, take note!

Ok, let’s make one thing clear: a black tuxedo will always be a good choice. However, it’s fun to consider new ideas for that outfit you’ll wear during that unique date.

Blue tux: Hollywood’s most popular stars chose the blue tux during many events, in 2016 (Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, etc.). That’s why this piece gained popularity in the world of tux rental. To be specific, we are talking about the navy-blue and the royal blue tuxes. Matt Bomer, Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, and Eddie Redmayne are some of the celebrities that chose this clothing style. Get married with something different, but still adequate and extremely elegant. Try blue!

Red tux: Maybe you are scared right now. Don’t be! A wine type of red for your wedding outfit will be so stylish. It’s not traditional, but that doesn’t mean you’re leaving elegance behind. No way! A wine-red tux is powerful and sophisticated. A white shirt and a black bow tie will be the best companions for this attire. It’s also a classy style that Hollywood’s finest stars choose frequently. Try red!

For the record, these two options, added to the classical black tuxedo, are very popular around the globe. They fit perfectly in a modern atmosphere. Nevertheless, if you want something different, visit your tailor and ask him for advice. Tell him you would like to try blue or red for that special occasion. He’ll know what to do!

10 Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

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  1. Outdoor Photo Shoot: Take the beautiful couple to open spaces, where they can be one with nature or one with gorgeous backdrops. Before the celebration, both can go to a beach, lake, river, or forest to be part of an original photo shoot that will portray the contrast between elegance and wildness. If you have no access to this kind of environments, or you just don’t have time, try with the pool areas of a hotel you think is mind-blowing or rent a house with spectacular outdoor areas.
  2. Country Photo Shoot: If you didn’t organize a rustic wedding, but you still want those country-like photos, don’t give up. Take time to go to a cornfield with your photographer. Use amazing contexts like barnes or farmhouses to complete the whole album. Also, take a horse ride with your couple. Believe us, you won’t regret it when you look at those photos. Remember: gown and tux always on.
  3. “In the making” Photo Shoot: You should capture every second of that special day. Hire a photographer that portrays the production process behind the bride’s amazing look: makeup and hairstyling. Show some natural gestures. That’s the real beauty of the moment!
  4. Bridesmaids Photo Shoot: Team up with those special girls you chose as bridesmaids to have fun in a photo shoot. The girls can toast with the bride, chat naturally and pose with funny faces during the session. Also, photos taken while the bridesmaids help her to get dressed are great.
  5. Groomsman Photo Shoot: Guys it’s your turn! Team up with the groom to do a great set of photos. The most common idea is to hold the groom, throw him in the air, and grab him again. That sequence will be delightful!
  6. Pet Photo Shoot: Is your pet one of the most important things in your life? Well, don’t you dare to leave him/her behind! Hold him/her, be by his/her side, and hug him/her. Great photos will appear if the love is real!
  7. Women’s Generational Photo Shoot: Your mother, your grandmother, and you. That’s a perfect crew to do a generational photo shoot. From panoramic photos to detail pics… you can try anything. One of the most popular is to bring to together the hands where the wedding ring is placed.
  8. Men’s Generational Photo Shoot: Same principle. Bring together the groom, his dad and his granddad, to portray the bloodline.
  9. Flower Girls Photo Shoot: If you have them, use them! These cute little girls will be a cute adhesion to your album. Let the bride play with them, while they are all being photographed.
  10. Transportation Photo Shoot: Are you riding a vintage car, a limo, or a luxurious truck for your wedding day? Whichever is your choice, you need to use it as part of a photo shoot.

How to create a rustic wedding

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Vintage wedding, DYI wedding, retro wedding, modern wedding, and traditional wedding are some of the most used styles around the world for the “big day”. There are lots of options when it comes to wedding themes and among these popular selections the rustic wedding appears. It’s one of America’s favorite themes. So, let’s take a look at it.

First, a rustic wedding is one with nature. Animals, threes, flowers, and grass are very welcomed in this kind of celebration. That’s why they are usually celebrated in outdoor areas (beach, mountain, etc.), a barn or a wooden house.

The key element in a rustic wedding is abundant wood. Use wooden signs, carved manually, to identify zones, to share important phrases, and to show the names of the bride and groom. Also, use stylish wooden chairs, if you like, and tent and canopies made of wood.

Wooden barrels as décor are a must in rustic weddings. Some use them as tables, other just use them as decoration with straw.

As centerpieces and glasses, it’s popular to use jars. If that sounds ugly to you, don’t panic. It’s simple but it’s a great match for the theme. Also, centerpieces with wooden base are a great choice.


If you’re asking yourself what should I wear for a rustic wedding, you made it right on time. The attire can be the traditional one: white gown and black tux. But, there’s an option to add the final touch. Use cowboy boots to put the cherry on top of the pie. You can also ask your bridesmaids to use them too.

In case you are a country music fan, of course it’s a perfect idea for this kind of gathering. However, it’s not as vital as the wooden décor.

Now you have a basic notion on how to make a rustic wedding. Are you planning to have one? Just give us a call!

Lounge furniture features

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For sure you have heard phrases like: “Let’s go to that lounge bar” or “the lounge area is cooler”.

Nowadays the term “lounge” is known worldwide, because the type of context that it represents is comfortable, relaxed, cozy, and elegant. In fact, the word itself comes from a variation of the musical genre of jazz, a calming type of music, that was originated during the decade of 1950.

In lounge areas, relaxation meets entertainment and social interaction. Sound good, no? Well, that’s why they are so popular around the world and they have their own identity, with specific lighting and furniture.

When it comes to creating a lounge area, furniture is a key element. You’ll need cocktail chairs and tables, puffs and sofas… many sofas. Remember, your objective is to promote relaxation and conversation, not dancing.

Your lounge area should be sacred. Respect the social interaction between your guests with a musical background that will not interrupt conversation. Also, remember to choose comfortable furniture, because your main objective is to generate relaxation.

Lounge furniture should be white or cream, because those colors can be mixed perfectly with any set of lights… and light is also a key element to create a relaxing environment.

The last things remaining are good cocktails and exquisite music. Then, you’re ready!

Check out our lounge furniture to create a perfect context for your next event: http://harmonyrental.com/furnishing/

Free magic with Eventbase

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For the past weeks, we have brought you several apps to help you during the event planning process. However, we never brought you one like Eventbase. Why? Because now it’s free.

If you’re thinking we are kidding… no, we are not. Eventbase, a worldwide known service for being used by the organizers of the Olympics of London 2012, is now offering the option to create your event app for free.

“Create an event app for free and bring the power of a premium event app platform to your conference, festival or meeting. Eventbase Free allows you to offer a feature-rich native app to attendees at events of any size. The best part – it won’t cost you a thing”, writes the enterprise on its website (www.eventbase.com).

Among the features, you’ll find:

  • Get your conference content or festival lineup into one intuitive app in three simple steps
  • Making updates is seamless and what’s even better, the launch of your event lineup within the Eventbase app makes it even easier for you to promote
  • Manage multiple events on the same platform

Eventbase was awarded in 2014 as the Best Event App during The Cannes Lions Festival. This is just one of several awards that the company has achieved.

To try Eventbase, go to www.eventbase.com and just enjoy.

Your wedding… your pet

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Your ally. Your best friend. Your family. Those are usually the meanings of a pet for its owner. It’s simply a big deal and that’s why you can’t leave that special animal out of your big day. So, let’s have a look at a couple of ideas to include your pet in your wedding celebration. Dog? Cat? Donkey? Monkey? Pig? Horse? It doesn’t matter. Any of those pets can have a place and a task during the ceremony. No joke! Any of your four-legged friend can stand as the flower girl or as the ring bearer, but never forget to dress him according to the situation: tux, hat, flower crown, tutu, bow tie, etc. And if you’re wondering if that’s possible… yes, it is! In most pet stores, you can find outfits for this type of festivities. If not, you can hire a tailor. It’s important to choose the correct clothes for your pet, because for sure you’ll want him/her to be part of the wedding photoshoot. Imagine this: a lovely couple holding their Schnauzer (bow tie on the neck), just hours away from getting married. To have success including your pet as flower girl or as ring bearer, you’ll need to train him/her to avoid distractions during the walk to the altar. Then, he/she can remain near you during the ceremony. For sure, you’ll need an obedient animal or you’ll regret the choice of making him/her part of that special day. In case you consider that four-legged or two-legged friend part of your family, don’t leave him aside. Make space for him, because his love is unconditional. He deserves to be part of your big day. No doubts about it!

Create your own event app with EventMobi

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Web-based or native? That’s a common question event planners has when they are about to choose the perfect app for their event. It’s not an easy decision, but people from EventMobi are trying to make it way easier.

They have more than 5 years in the market of event apps, offering the chance to easily create your own app through their services. They provide a fusion between web-based and native apps so you can enjoy a software that also works when you are offline.

The main features of EventMobi are:

1. Easily drag-and-drop to customize the first page of the event app every attendee will see

2. Find your event app through their web browser or any app store

3. Generate revenue by offering sponsors in-app advertising space

4. Include great details like your logo in the app you created for your event

5. Speak to all you attendees with an event app that translates into multiple languages. Currently available in 17 languages

6. If you want to go safe, the app can ask your guests to use a credential to access

In case you are seduced by these features, there’s a free trial. Just go to www.eventmobi.com and clic the button “free trial”.

Like many event apps, EventMobi also provides metrics to measure the impact of your gathering: page views and activity details that can also be useful to find sponsors. So, getting some hard numbers won’t be a problem.

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