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All about Black Tie attire

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You just got an invitation for a party and inside of it there’s the following instruction: black tie attire. If you are wondering what is that, you are in the right place because we are about to explain it. Let’s go ahead!

The black tie dress code was created for social functions that start after 6:00 pm and are quite fancy. It’s just the top of the cream, after white tie, when we are talking about elegancy.

It’s traditional to find this kind of dress code in weddings or galas. Nevertheless, it has also been used for other types of occasions, like prom dances.


Girls usually enjoy the black tie attire, because most of them love to use long dresses. So a floor-length gown, high heels, long earrings, pearl necklace and a small purse are just enough elements to create an adequate outfit for an event that demands this dress code.


For guys it’s simple. Just remember what James Bond usually wears and try to copy it. Sounds funny but that’s a globalized example that fits everywhere. Take note: dark tuxedo, bow tie, dark socks and formal watch. The last item on the list is very important, so don’t forget it.

Introducing Video Invitations

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We know usually budget is not your best ally, when it comes to organizing an event. That’s why is vital to find ways to save money, without affecting the core of your master plan. One of these options is to discard physical invitations and bet for video invitations.

You must be wondering: Why video invitations? Well, the answer to that question is easy. It’s more personal and fun than choosing a social network’s event feature to let your guests know you’re inviting them to a certain gathering.

Video invitations are useful for any kind of event and you can send them easily through an email or through any free text message service (Whatsapp, Line, etc.).

Gather good material to create a video with any of the services we will mention ahead.

Make sure the material you choose have good quality in order to obtain a mind-blowing final product. Remember your guest will be ready to destroy you if you send a poor video invitation. Be neat, be creative, but especially be original.

Ahead you’ll find some options to create your video invitations for your next event:

  1. https://inviter.com/
  2. https://animoto.com/blog/personal/how-to-invitation-video/
  3. http://bdare.com/#
  4. http://www.smilebox.com/party-invitations.html

VelocEvent, new event app on the block

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Event planning is a tough job. Sometimes, a little help is well received. That’s why nowadays event planners use technology as support for their daily tasks.

There are tons of app’s that are useful, but not all of them have manageable prices. Here’s where VelocEvent comes into the picture.

VelocEvent is described as a “simple and intuitive event app” for Conference, Event and Trade Shows Industry event professionals. Sounds cute, but… what’s the real deal? THE PRICE.

Usually these kinds of services are expensive. However, VelocEvent offers two interesting packages and a third one that is customizable:

  1. Launch It: Perfect for the aspiring event planner who is ready to apply technology at events or even the well-seasoned event professional who wants to switch from a different event app that isn’t delivering what was promised. Offers Basic Branding and Immediate Publishing for $995.00. Nevertheless, if your event has less than 100 invitees you won’t pay anything.
  2. Brand It: Includes all the features of Launch It product plus fully branded mobile apps.
  3. Customize It: Build the plan that suits you perfectly.

The main features of VelocEvent are: floor plan location tool, multi-track agenda and Google Drive data upload.

For more information, access www.velocevent.com.

Essentials of every Sweet Sixteen party

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While in Latin America people celebrate “Quince Años” or “Quinceañeras”, in North America girls enjoy their Sweet Sixteen party.

Turning sixteen is an important matter for girls. They are just about to enter to a new stage of life, leaving behind adolescence and welcoming adulthood with arms wide open. In a few words, it’s a key moment.

So, taking in consideration the importance of this phase, we did a list with essentials things every girl wants to see at her Sweet Sixteen party. Let’s take a look!

  1. She wants a beautiful long dress. That’s the first thing. For a girl, a Sweet Sixteen party is the closest celebration to a wedding, so for sure a gown will be on her mind.
  2. She is dreaming with a big cake, especially one with her name on it and beautiful details all around. Don’t forget to include this popular dessert in your plans, if you want the night to be perfect.
  3. She wants all eyes on her. That’s why you need to focus on her entrance to the venue. Use lighting and special music when she is entering the room, because she wants to steal the show.
  4. Remember to set up everything for the first dance, just after her big entrance. No one dances until the birthday girl finishes her first dance, which usually is saved for her father.
  5. She is obsessed with a photoshoot, so hire a photographer to take some artistic and themed pics before the party. For sure her best friends will be part of that session.
  6. Surprise her with a present when the clock hits midnight. That would be the cherry on top of the cake.

Sing for your beautiful bride

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She’s beautiful; she’s THE ONE; she’s perfect; she’s all you want; she’s your happiness; she’s your soulmate; and she’s your bride. So, what are you willing to do for her? We are not asking much, but a little bit of singing will surely be a huge surprise for her during the wedding.

Yes, we know: many don’t manage to sing pretty well. It’s not just taking the microphone and following some lyrics, as you do in karaoke, but that’s what will make this fun surprise a gigantic deal for your bride.

Months before the wedding, choose a meaningful song. Select a track that’s special for both. It can be a song you dedicated her or a tune that reminds you a unique moment with her. Once you have the idea, search for the instrumental track on Internet or –if you are having a live band at your party- ask the musicians to play it for you.

Having a band could be very helpful in case you need to adjust the song to your vocal range.

Then the tricky part appears: sign for some singing lessons. No arguing, because you need them. Even if you know how to sing, a tutor can polish your stage presence and help you take control of your nerves.

We promise this plan won’t fail. Make sure no one tells your bride you are preparing a surprise for her. Also take in consideration you have to come up with a good excuse to cover the time you spend in singing lessons.

The look on her face when you start to sing, especially if that’s not your kind of thing, will be unforgettable. C’mon, life’s waiting!

The real meaning of the cake

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We often hear the saying: “there’s no party without a cake”. It’s a very popular group of words that usually let you know how important this prevalent dessert is, during celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, farewells, and other festivities. But… why is it so vital? Well, history always has the answer.

Cakes have been around since the times of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece.

The Greeks would make round cakes to honor Artemis, the goddess of the moon, and the Romans would make them with bread for various celebrations. Nevertheless, some historians believe that the first birthday cake was baked in Germany during middle ages.

At the beginning, honey was a popular ingredient to sweeten up a cake. Later on, baking was developed worldwide and more components appeared. During the 17th century, decorated cakes were introduced. However, they were too expensive. Then, in the 18th century, they became affordable.

Cakes leavened with beaten eggs appeared during the Renaissance. This was a point of no return, because this recipe made them spongy and irresistible. It’s a large chain of events that leave us in the present, were cakes are the perfect element to celebrate.

Don’t think twice when it comes to adding a cake to your event. It’s worth it.

The Great Gatsby, a movie full of great event planning ideas

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F. Scott Fitzgerald published in 1925 “The Great Gatsby”, a novel about an intriguing character that used to throw glamorous parties to capture the attention of the love of his life: Daisy Buchanan. Excess and extravagance were vital elements during those celebrations that took place every weekend in Jay Gatsby’s house; lots of festivities and details to look at. That’s why the latest film adaptation of this masterpiece is worth to watch before planning a big party.

Caterers, outdoor buffets and orchestras were always around during Gatby’s events, because he usually had to entertain the highest level of social stratification.

So, ahead you’ll find some creative ideas for a party, based on “The Great Gatsby”:

  1.  Include a real roulette table to entertain those who love gambling and are willing to bet some money during your celebration
  2. If you have a big venue, hire two acrobats and two aerial gymnasts to capture your guest’s attention with a great show.
  3. Use metallic gold fabric swathed across the ceiling
  4. Use old chandeliers and candelabras for decoration
  5. Use large feather accents as centerpieces or in floral arrangements
  6. Use strings of pearls and crystal (glass) hung from the ceiling, off railings, from trees and on the backs of chairs
  7. Put balloons everywhere!
  8. Throw fireworks during the closure

Sky lanterns will make it perfect

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Sky lanterns have embellished festivities for many centuries, especially in their country of origin: China. Stories tell that these mini hot air balloons were originally used to send signals and messages as part of military strategies. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until 2010 that they became popular all around the world. If you are wondering what happened during that year, the answer is simple: Tangled movie. If you saw it, you know what we are talking about.

Rapunzel used to look at the lights in the sky once every year. Those lights were sky lanterns from his hometown to honor her, because she was kidnapped as a kid. That’s why this particular item is so important in the film and that’s why it became so popular since 2010. Oh wait, and that’s why is a cool idea to seal an outdoor party with sky lanterns.

There is so much mysticism around them. Tradition says that every sky lantern that is released should carry a wish.

So, imagine: after good music, food, dancing, and some drinks, give your guests the opportunity to launch a sky lantern and create a beautiful context full of lights and hope over the horizon. For sure, it will be the best way to put an end to your party.

Remember that sky lanterns use fire, so they are dangerous items. Keep in hand safety instructions and take in consideration they are banned in 30 states of USA.

Is important to use them with precaution and read legal terms in your location before planning this kind of closure. Also remember to buy sky lanterns with bio-degradable fireproof rope and base, because these models will not represent a threat to wildlife. However, there’s always a risk. That’s why you need to check your surroundings and the direction of the wind.

If you are taking note, be precautious and… have fun!

Everyone wants a Photo Booth at your party

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Yes, we know. Selfies are cool and trendy. However, some other things are cool as well and they never grow old. One of those is a physical photograph for your wallet or the door in your room. There’s so much magic in it, especially if the moment portrayed it’s worth looking back. That’s why everyone will adore the idea of a Photo Booth at your next event.

There are so many gifts you can take home from a party. Usually inflatables, stickers, pencils, glasses and fake hair are the most popular ones. Nevertheless, we promise you that a physical picture with funny backgrounds and phrases will be your guest’s favorite.

For those who still aren’t familiarized with a Photo Both, it’s a small cabin where people enter, choose themes for various pictures and smile for the camera. Just when they step out, the printer will be producing the physical photographs.

If you are wondering: what’s so cool about it? Well, let us enlight you. First of all, a Photo Booth it’s a great tool for marketing. If your event is a product launch, you can design a frame with the logo of your enterprise and the product itself. You can also add phrases that will augment the impact of your merchandise (for example, a dialogue cloud that says: I Love Samsung Galaxy S7).

For events like weddings, a Photo Booth is also great. A stylish frame with the names of the couple is a great idea. In fact, you can add funny phrases that are related to the fiancés.

The pictures produced by a Photo Booth will always be easy to keep, because of its size. They will also be available digitally, in case you want to have it on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

We guarantee that a Photo Booth at your party will be a hit. It’s so fun and simple at the same time, that’s practically impossible to fail if you put one. For sure, your guests will feel as if they were at a theme park or a fair, two places where items like these are everywhere.

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