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How to choose the perfect venue

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  1. Size
You must be clear about the size of your party before choosing a venue, so make sure to define the number of guests you are going to invite to your special occasion. Once you have that in hand, go on and examine the options for the amount of people chosen. Remember it’s always good to have a margin of error: don’t choose a venue that fits for the exact number, because it’s always better to have extra space than to have none.
  1. Budget
Clearly, it’s obvious you need to know how much is in your established budget before choosing the perfect venue. It’s better to define the budget first and then select the location, because that will avoid extra expenses for people who usually are easy to convince.
  1. Details
Earlier we talked about space. Well, there’s something else to take in consideration inside this matter. Remember you need to create comfortable zones for your staff (in case you have). For example: if you’re going to install a kitchen for your chefs, it’s vital to have enough space to do it. Also, if you hire entertainers, it’s good to have areas to serve as dressing rooms or as storage rooms.
  1. Order
Adapt the decoration to the venue, not sideways. After you choose the location, start thinking about decor. First you need to know vital things like how tall is the venue, what’s on the walls, etc.

5 ideas for your Halloween party

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Halloween is just around the corner again. People are already planning great parties for October 31th and they should have some exceptional ideas at hand. So we came up with 5 essentials for your spooky event. Take a seat and enjoy!

Costume contest

There’s no better way to motivate your guests than a costume contest. This will drive them to great ideas for original outfits. You can select the award you prefer for the winner, from money to liquor or gift cards. Remember to notify your invitees that you are going to do this contest, because that’s the best way for them to be aware and design an awesome Halloween costume.

Pumpkin carving

Halloween has always been a festivity related to ghosts, vampires, witches, and, especially, carved pumpkins. That last one is an all-time favorite and it’s something everyone is curious about. Cut a hole on the top of the pumpkin to make space for a lantern or a candle. Then carve the face. You can also carve forms to avoid repeating the same design in other pumpkins. We promise you´ll have lots of fun doing this and your guest will be pleased with the decoration.


There’s no Halloween without candy, so make sure to put some in bowls located all over your party. Also you can make your guests go home with a gift bag full of candies. They will appreciate that!

Spooky snacks

Halloween is fully thematic. There’s no doubt about it, so try to check every detail: from décor to food. Here we have some ideas for spooky snacks: brain dip, ghost-shaped cookies, witch chicken fingers, spider cupcakes, and many more.

Spider web everywhere!

There are so many options when it comes to decorating a Halloween party. We already told you to include carved pumpkins among those alternatives. Another idea is to buy lots and lots of synthetic spider web to put on the walls and over tables and sofas. It’s easy, cheap and fast, in case you’re looking for something simple but likable.

Zkipster, a powerful tool

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Zkipster calls itself “the leading event management software for the world’s best events”. That’s something big to say or write. Well… let’s take a look at the main features of this powerful tool, made to help event organizers with guest lists, seating charts, social interaction, social impact, mail marketing, and many others things.

Ahead you´ll find the 12 principal characteristics of Zkipster, those that make this software one of the market’s top:

  1. Create events, guest lists, and guest profiles in minutes with simple templates, or easily import from spreadsheets
  2. Make a floor plan for any type of venue with an easy drag and drop tool in just a few minutes. Add, remove, and swap guests whenever you need. Instant syncing lets you collaborate in real time with your team or clients.
  3. Banking-grade cloud servers
  4. Create beautiful RSVP emails and guest response forms, save the date, and other event emails in just minutes. You can use existing templates, create new ones, or simply upload existing invites to send
  5. Easily upload invite lists from spreadsheets, Salesforce, or add them on the spot. See your invite lists automatically turn into dynamic guest lists with clear status updates for invites, guest confirmation, live on-site management and post-event analytics
  6. Find and check in guests in seconds on the app, even if the Wi-Fi goes down
  7. Use Zkipster on unlimited devices
  8. Our innovative picture sourcing engine matches faces to names, sent straight to your guest list, and stored in the cloud for future events
  9. Instantly print name badges for guests and their group
  10. Your team will receive automatic text and email alerts when important invitees arrive. Guests can receive texts that inform them of their table number and other key info. Everyone stays in the loop
  11. See every single action taken at your event and what it all means, from who checked in when to which groups had the best attendance
  12. Easily connect with influencers attending your event, link your Twitter and Instagram account and create event hashtags, measure social engagement during your event, and pull Twitter and Instagram reports afterwards
In case you thought these features are pretty good, there are many ways to hire the services of Zkipster. This company offers packages per event (depending on the number of guests) and other packages with unlimited events per month.   For more information, access https://www.zkipster.com/

The ways of Spandex

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For those who still don’t know, spandex is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It’s stronger and more durable than natural rubber, in case you thought about competition. It’s also known for being great when it comes to making tight clothes. However, nowadays it has another use: decoration.

Spandex décor brings versatility, modernity and beauty to any event… that’s for sure. It’s perfect to recreate movement and deepness, taking venues to a whole new level, and it can be used for any type of gathering (the color and size will vary, depending on the theme and the occasion).

What can you do with spandex décor? Well, the answer is formed by several options: backdrops, sails, hanging panels, screens, chair covers, chair bands, table covers, table toppers and truss covers.

Even though spandex usually looks spectacular by itself, you can use light on it (especially if you are using white spandex) to set mood or create enjoyable visual experiences for your guests.

Do you want more positive arguments? Ok, let’s go! Spandex is easy to clean and easy to install/remove; is also environment-friendly because of its low maintenance; and, the best of all, is transformable.

No matter the theme or the occasion, spandex is always an option. Take in consideration that this type of material is actually a trend inside the world of event planning.

Try spandex and let us know how your party went!

PD: Give us a call if you want to try spandex decoration at your next event. It’s one of our specialties.

Small centerpieces, great visuals

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Party planners have something really simple and understandable in common: they want to promote social interaction during all the events they organize. To achieve that kind of goal they need to take in consideration every single detail, from the seating chart to the decoration. Here’s where small centerpieces play an important part.

Imagine this picture: a round table full of guests and in the middle a wide and tall centerpiece. What do you think will happen? We’ll answer for you. Your invitee’s visión will be partially blocked by this big ornamental item, provoking an interruption during any normal conversation between the persons seated in front of each other.

To avoid this problem, we suggest the usage of small centerpieces. They will not disturb or distract anybody, letting social interaction be the main element in every table.

But, stop right here. We are not saying you should never use tall centerpieces; it will always depend on your goal prioritization.

It’s true that is easier to catch your guest’s attention with beautiful big centerpieces. It’s also true that these kind of items will help you fill a big venue. However, remember that minimalism is a trend that’s pretty alive, so not always bigger is better.

So, to all event planners: your first step before organizing a party or event is to clearly know what are the host’s goals. When you have those, you can start the real deal and make the adequate decisions.

Remember that the success of every event depends on the quantity of established goals you accomplished through it.

Balloon decorations are actually pretty sweet

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It’s quite understandable to think that balloon decorations are just for kid’s parties. Nevertheless, that’s a wrong statement because you can do so much with some balloons and a couple of good ideas. The people from Architecture Art Design developed some examples for different kind of parties, using balloons. Here are the 22 type of decorations they identified with this item:
  1. Photos hanging from balloons to create a chandelier over a table
  2. Water balloon slip and slide!
  3. Tie balloons to favor bags. They will be festive party decor, plus everyone wants to take home a balloon!
  4. Put a glow stick in balloons before inflating them. Provides fun lighting
  5. Lovely birthday party balloons
  6. Painted polka dot balloons
  7. Make confetti balloons
  8. Great decor for your birthday cake
  9. Make balloons with glow sticks in them and then float them in the pool
  10. Make mini balloon place-cards
  11. Make balloons blown up to different sizes and just taped them to the wall
  12. Great idea for a birthday party
  13. Add a paper cone to the balloons and you will get awesome ice cream balloons
  14. Balloons in a shape of fruit
  15. Make lovely balloons with confetti
  16. Make beautiful decorations with balloons for New Year’s Eve
  17. Make donut balloons
  18. Heart balloons for Valentine’s Day
  19. Paint the balloon in golden color
  20. Beautiful Christmas decor – ornaments balloons.
  21. Glue pompom on the balloons and you will get very cute decor for parties
  22. Make the balloons look magical with glued golden confetti
For more information, go to: http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/22-awesome-diy-balloons-decorations/
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