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What you need to know about the color of roses

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We always remind our readers that every detail counts, when it comes to event planning. Everything has a meaning, from the smallest to the largest thing in the room. So, knowing that flower arrangements are usually part of events, we brought you the meaning of the different rose colors.

When you decorate with roses or when you just give a rose to the girl you like, you are telling something and you should know that. Ahead you’ll find what you’re exactly communicating

RED: It’s the most popular color when it comes to roses. Portrays love, beauty, courage, and respect. A red rose is the best way to say “I like you” or “I love you”.

WHITE: It’s commonly used at weddings, for bouquets and other flower arrangements. Portrays purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, reverence, humility, and youthfulness.

PINK: It’s usually the best way to say “Thank You” or to apologize. Portrays appreciation, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, and gentleness. Pink roses are also popular at weddings.

YELLOW: It’s a perfect color to celebrate life. It’s commonly used at weddings and baby showers. Portrays joy, gladness, friendship, delight, promise of a new beginning, and jealousy. Yellow roses are popular among friends.

LAVENDER: It’s an exotic color that portrays love at first sight, royalty, mysticism, magic, and enchantment. If you want to be charming and interesting, you should go for lavender roses.

BLUE: It’s not a popular color when it comes to roses, because it portrays the unobtainable. A blue rose can be a symbol of mystery, caution, and impossibility.

BLACK: Sadness and farewell are two words that portray a black rose. They are usually used at funerals, because the color is related to death and mourning. On the other hand, black roses are perfect for Halloween.

Floral arches are simply amazing

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Since ancient times, floral arches have been used to frame –naturally– important moments like coronations or weddings. They have been around for a long, long time, transforming an specific place into a wonderland.

Yes, we know. It’s obvious. We love floral arches! That’s why we wanted so bad to talk about them. They are still a trend, especially in weddings, because they add an unique, pure, and natural touch to that unforgettable moment. So, we’ll show you what they are all about.

When it comes to deciding what type of floral arch do you want, you’ll need to know if you’ll go for the “strictly natural way” or the “modern way”. That’s the first step. Clear your mind and choose.

The “strictly natural way” means that your floral arch will be formed only by elements of nature. In this case, designers will use trunks, branches and prefabricated wood to create the estructure. Then they’ll go on and decorate with greenery, drapings, ribbons, flowers, etc.

The “modern way” is also beautiful. The big difference is in the structure. This type of floral arch have a body made of plastic, steel or glass. It’s easier to manipulate and also easier to relocate, because usually it’s stronger and, at the same time, more flexible. Nevertheless, to have the whole package with just natural elements is always an advantage (artistically talking).

There’s a third type of floral arch. This one is part of the structure of your venue. We are talking about porches, doors, or cabins that just need greenery, flowers, and ribbons to be transformed into floral arches.

We know you can frame through a camera. However, picture this: a natural frame that will embellish every picture taken. Think about it. WE LOVE FLORAL ARCHES!

Five trendy costumes for Halloween

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Having trouble to choose your next Halloween costume? Stop right there, because we’ve come to help.

We know sometimes it’s not an easy job, especially if you want to design your own costume. However, this process always begins with ideas.

We made a short list, taking in consideration certain cultural hits, for those who want to know what choice would turn into a great Halloween costume. Ahead you’ll find 5 options, including some classics.

1. Harley Quinn and The Joker

The movie Suicide Squad was a massive hit, even though critics were very rough at the moment of writing their reviews about it. The film already made more than $700 million dollars and two characters are the main reason why: the crazy couple made by Harley Queen (Margot Robbie) and The Joker. These two are a hit among fans, unleashing a new trend. That’s why we ranked them as the first choice for Halloween. However, you’ll need to buy the costumes, because it’s hard to come with homemade versions.

2. Kylo Ren

2016 has been a great year for the film industry. One of the reasons is the return of Star Wars with Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Inside this movie you’ll find a new villain portrayed by Adam Driver: Kylo Ren, the son of the popular Han Solo (Harrison Ford). His presence on the film was a huge success and that’s why his dark costume is second on our list. Remember: this is another hard choice, because you’ll need to buy the whole costume (including the mask). It’s not one of those homemade choices.

3. Pokemon trainer

Pokemon Go is, without a doubt, the most important game that was launched during 2016. People went crazy about it and many fans are still playing it. So, if you were part of this phenomenon, maybe you’ll like this idea: dress as a pokemon trainer. Basically, just buy a pokeball, put it on your belt, use jeans, a t-shirt, a cap, gloves, and a hoodie. For women: skirt or shorts, t-shirt, vest, a cap, gloves, and the pokeball. You can do this costume at home.

4. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The run for the White House has been crazy. Scandals everywhere. That’s why the two candidates for the new presidential period are also a great choice for your next Halloween costume. For both, most of the people we’ll need to buy a wig. The rest of the costume can be made at home, especially if you’re going as Donald Trump (black suit, White shirt, red tie). Makeup it’s vital.

5. Go old school

Some costumes never die. Devil, maid, cop, or bunny are always good choices for women. Meanwhile, men can go as vampire, Elvis Presley, zombie, or mime.

The mojo of cocktail tables

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If you are planning a Product Launch, an Art Exhibition or just a Lounge Party, we got that one item you need to use smartly: cocktail table.

We are talking about a tall but thin table that’s perfect for guests who just want to enjoy a few minutes in front of an especial area of your event, and then go on to the next one. It’s also ideal for people who just got tired of being seated and want to stand up. In these cases, they’ll have where to put their drinks.

Cocktail tables are perfect for exhibitions, because your invitee will have the chance to stop, for example, in front of an art piece and stay there for a while with the comfort of having where to hang out and put his cocktail on.

Elegance, spacing, and versatility are three characteristics that cocktail tables will bring to your event, because they occupy small spaces and, at the same time, bring people together.

You can add high chairs to every cocktail table, but it’s better when they are alone; it’s cleaner to the eye.

There are many ways to present cocktail tables. The most popular one is to cover them with spandex. Also, you can place a small centerpiece on the top. But remember, don’t be abusive. Avoid big centerpieces, because cocktail tables are usually small.

We mentioned some events that should require the use of cocktail tables. Nevertheless, they are useful in any kind of gathering. Visit our gallery to see some ideas.

Give us a call for more information! We are ready to help you build the perfect event.

How to carve your own pumpkin

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Hello folks! Halloween is just a couple of weeks away. Maybe you’re wondering what you’ll wear or how you’ll decorate your house, so we brought this post to be of help.

We know usually every Halloween decoration includes a carved pumpkin, so we’re going to teach you how to do one. It’s quite easy and it’s something worth to do, especially if you’re a creative person. Let your imagination fly!

  1. The first step is to buy a big pumpkin at the supermarket and take it home. Then choose a sharp serrated knife to make a crown-type circle (removable) on the top of the pumpkin. Kids don’t try this without the supervision of an adult.
  2. Remove the crown you made and, with a large spoon, remove seeds, fibers, and flesh. This is the worst part, taking in consideration you’ll need patience and some strength in your hand. However, you can feel motivated after this step because it’s the hardest part.
  3. Start designing the face of your pumpkin! Use a marker to draw guide lines over the surface. You can do the traditional face (triangle-formed eyes and nose, and smile with five teeth) or try a creepy design with a menacing mouth. You can also use circled-eyes, for example. In few words, the sky’s the limit.
  4. With the same sharp serrated knife used during the first step, cut the parts of the face with the help of guide lines. Then remove the forms cut and retouch if you need to.
  5. Once you have your design ready, remove the crown and put a lantern or a candle inside the pumpkin. A lantern is always better, to avoid a fire. Nevertheless, the movement of candles is terrific, so, if you choose to put one, make sure that it’s a small one and that it’s over a plate.

Rose Quartz & Serenity, colors of the year

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Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color, across a variety of industries. As part of the enterprise’s traditions, this organization selects the Color of the Year. For 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity won.

“Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue”, writes Pantone.

“Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure”, explains. “Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times”, adds.

These two colors took the title from “Marsala”, which was the winner during 2015.

It’s the first time that two shades are chosen as PANTONE Color of the Year.

PANTONE suggests that these two colors have brilliant chemistry, in case you want to use them together: “Whether in soft or hard surface material, the pairing of Rose Quartz and Serenity brings calm and relaxation. Appealing in all finishes, matte, metallic and glossy, the engaging combo joins easily with other mid-tones including greens and purples, rich browns, and all shades of yellow and pink. Add in silver or hot bright for more splash and sparkle”.

Ahead we leave you the values of PANTONE Color of the Year 2016:

Rose Quartz: F7CAC9 Serenity: 91A8D0

Baby Shower Essentials

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Nowadays, a Baby Showers is a common tradition in the United States. Nevertheless is important to know that this type of festivity, as we know it, is practically new, because it emerged after World War II with the arrival of the baby boom era. Today we have it everywhere and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the expected birth of a child.

If you are wondering how to celebrate a Baby Shower, well you just got into the right place. Ahead you´ll find essential things you must add to this kind of gathering. Let’s go!

  1. Theme: usually Baby Showers have a baby-related theme (balloons, animals, candy, cars, trains, etc.). However, everything is possible. You can try the Parisian party style or the garden party style (flowers everywhere). It’s up to you. Just remember that a Baby Shower is usually a small and calmed gathering, not a crazy event.
  2. Cake: Yes, yes, yes… you need a cake! We know a Baby Shower is not a birthday, but it’s a celebration that requires a cake.
  3. Breakfast: If you decide to do your Baby Shower in the morning -a great idea-, prepare a phenomenal breakfast for your guests: eggs, pancakes, waffles, creams, coffee (lots of coffee), etc. This is a main subject.
  4. Drinks: Even though Baby Showers are usually done during daylight, some cocktails are vital. The perfect drinks for these types of events are Mimosas (champaign and orange juice) and Summer Red Wine (wine and 7up/Sprite).
  5. Table for gifts: your invitees will bring gifts for your future baby, so accommodate a table, with flowers, to be the place where your guests leave their presents. Don´t forget to include a box for those who will bring envelopes with money.
  6. Games: Baby Showers must include games! Some of them are: Baby Shower Bingo, Baby’s first portrait, Late-Night Diaper Notes, and others.

ATT: Baby Showers are usually only for women. Nevertheless, lately we´ve seen mixed Baby Showers.

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