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10 Mojitos you’ll love

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The mojito is one of the most popular cocktails worldwide. It’s delicious and easy to do. You just need white rum (1 and 1/2 oz.), sugar (to taste), lime juice or 1/2 fresh lime, soda water, and mint (12 leaves). Nevertheless, there are several variations of this popular drink that has its origin in Havana, Cuba. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

Dark Mojito: Just use dark rum, instead of white, for this type of mojito. The rest of the recipe stays the same.

Dirty Mojito: Just use gold rum, instead of white, for this type of mojito. The rest of the recipe stays the same.

Mango Mojito: Use mango rum as base. Eliminate the lime juice and add 2 limes, a handful of mango fruit, and 1 oz. of simple syrup. The rest of the recipe stays the same.

Raspberry Mojito: Use crushed raspberries to create flavor. Eliminate the lime juice and add 2 limes. The rest of the recipe stays the same.

Strawberry Mojito: Use 2 strawberries (pieces) and 2 oz. of strawberry puree, instead of lime juice. However, add 2 limes. The rest of the recipe stays the same.

Orange Mojito: Reduce the mint leaves to 3. Use just 1 lime and 3 wedges of orange. Eliminate the lime juice and add 1 oz. of simple syrup. The rest of the recipe stays the same.

Coconut Mojito: Use white rum and Malibu on this one. Remove the lime juice. However, use 1 lime. Add 2 oz. of coconut milk and 1 oz. of simple syrup. The rest of the recipe stays the same.

Apple Mojito: Replace the lime juice with apple juice. Use 1 slice of apple and 2 limes. The rest of the recipe stays the same.

Pear Mojito: Use pear nectar and lime juice at the same time. Add 1 oz. of simple syrup and pieces of pear. The rest of the recipe stays the same.

Green Tea Mojito: Add green tea to the traditional recipe.

Yes! You need event reminders

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There are some of obvious things in life. One of them is: if you are hosting an event, full attendance is your north. So… how you achieve that? The answer contains, among many matters, reminders for your invitees, because they are a good way to keep them informed about the upcoming gathering and to remember them to mark the calendar correctly.

First, is necessary to know you don’t need to spam everyone. In fact, avoid the abuse of reminders, because you could cause rejection in your guests. So, it’s vital to find balance when it comes to using message services to remember important dates.

Event reminders are very useful. Not everybody is organized, so any email, notification, or message to remind an upcoming event, is always welcomed.

The normal basis establishes that two reminders are enough to achieve your goal: a week before your event, and the day before or the same morning (depending on the hour of your gathering). This plan won’t drive anyone crazy. Nevertheless, depending on the subject of your event, you could add more reminders. For example: if you’re planning a product launch with an intrigue campaign, for sure you’ll need more reminders.

Event reminders are easy things to do, because they offer many options. The universal ones are emails and text messages. However, through mobile apps (Zkipster, EventMobi, Bizzabo, Velocevent, etc.) you can also manage event reminders. Also Facebook works with event reminders, if your gathering is registered as an event in the social network.

Entertainment selection for your next event

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The best way to conquer your enemy is to know him well. In this case, the enemy is going to be your guest’s opinion and your goal is to transform that judgement into something positive for your event. One of the main keys to achieve such an objective is to hire the right entertainment for your social gathering.

You can make almost anything happen through entertainment. One of the vital things you could achieve is virality in Social Media. For corporate events and Product Launches, this point is really huge. Let’s see, it’s simple: if your guest likes the entertainer you hired, she/he will share videos or photographs about it through different Social Media accounts. The more people talking about your event, the higher chance you have of going viral… and you want to go viral.

No that we made that point, it’s time to know how to hire the right entertainers.

1. Know your audience

A well executed market research will let you know the main characteristics of your audience: trends they like, musicians or bands they hear, opinion generators they follow, how should you talk to them, what are they most likely to drink or eat, etc. With that information, you’ll have arguments when it comes to hiring your entertainers. If you care about your company’s image, don’t improvise. Be responsible and have good judgement, because here you’ll find the foundations of success.

2. Don’t forget basics

There’s no event without music. You can’t forget it. Every gathering, at least, needs a D.J. Adding a live band is always a plus. However, depending on your audience’s characteristics you’ll select the type of music, the sound levels and the genre of the live music band. Remember the goals of your event before making any choice: do you want to create a comfortable atmosphere for conversation, or do you want more dancing going on?

3. Make your guests part of it

Hire entertainers that will interact with your guests, to make your invitees feel welcomed and part of the fun. Musicians should interact with the audience, as well as magicians, contortionists, trenchers, etc.

Pop Art Party Essentials

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Pop Art is still so alive, because it’s modern and it’s colorful. Artists like Brazilian painter and sculptor Romero Brito keep the movement working and also transform it into trend. That’s why nowadays we see costumes or theme parties based on Pop Art.

We love Pop Art… and we really mean that. It’s expansive, meaningful, and original at the same time, even though it uses objects and images already created.

If you are having trouble deciding the theme of your next event, take a look at the next Pop Art Party Essentials and think about this beautiful and artistic option.

1. Colors Everywhere

There’s no Pop Art party without colors everywhere. We are talking about an art movement that uses lots of colors (specially vivid/bright ones) to communicate a message. Yellow, red, and blue are the most used colors for this occasion. Mix them to create a colorful environment (napkins, tablecloths, drapings, carpets, etc.).

2. Dialogue clipart

One of the most fun part of organizing a Pop Art party is using dialogue clipart. We are talking about those famous clouds, stars, circles, and squares used to portray dialogues or actions in, for example, comic books. You can design banners with them to decorate the venue of your event, or use them for your party props. For use, your guests will use them for pictures.

3. Costume or makeup

If we are talking about a party… why wont you ask for the whole package? You can set the tone by adding a dress code, which contemplates Pop Art style costumes and wigs, or just Pop Art Makeup. This will create the cartoonish mood you want to achieve with this kind of theme.

4. Superheroes

One of the most popular themes covered by Pop Art is superheroes. You can use comic book references on a candy table, for example: cupcakes, candies, cakes, napkins, etc.

5. Campbell’s

The can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup must be part of any Pop Art party. It’s the heart of this movement thanks to Andy Warhol, so don’t forget to use it. One creative way to do it is by transforming the can into the base of a centerpiece.

Wedding transportation: ¡Of Course!

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It’s their day. They are the center of attention. It’s all about them. We are talking about the bride and groom. Everybody should be looking at them during their wedding day. That’s why you need to focus on every detail, especially on the entrance.

As part of wedding planning, transportation is a main matter. First the bride and the groom should go separately to the religious ceremony, and then travel together to the party.

Wherever you go, just go with style. That’s one of the rules we propose during the wedding planning process. So, ahead there are some options for wedding transportation: from traditional to out-of-the-box thinking.

Go traditional

Classic cars are the most common choice for wedding transportation, because they add charm, mysticism, and beauty to your big entrance. The most used brands, in this case, are Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Beauford. Rent one of them and dream big during your wedding day!

Go fancy

Most brides dreamed quite a while about their wedding day. It’s a big deal, so they want the best of the best for the special date. That’s why some women go for the fancy transportation: limousines for 2, 3, 8, or 12 passengers. Inside you’ll find a TV and a fridge to keep your favorite liquor in the adequate temperature.

Go indie

Some people don’t like to follow trends. They prefer different options, the ones that they consider more “original” and out-of-the-box. If you feel we just described you, maybe you are the kind of bride/groom that want to use a vintage Campervan or a London-type taxi as your wedding transportation. That so indie!

Go modern

Last but not least, we find the modern couple. We are talking about those two that love new releases and are always into trends. For this kind of marriage, a Hummer, an FJ Cruiser , or a Silverado truck are good options as wedding transportation. Obviously, they must have something allegorical.

Pinterest, a huge universe of ideas for event planning

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Pinterest has operated since 2010 as a free website and mobile application to share photos. Today, the company calls itself “the world’s catalogue of ideas”. That’s the main reason why we want to talk about Pinterest: it’s a vast universe of ideas and concepts for event planners.

First of all, Pinterest is easy to use. Just create a profile and start searching. You’ll have fun for hours, especially if you are planning an event during the upcoming days, weeks, or months.

Finding ideas is simple. Use the browser to create filters in order to find photos related to the theme you are interested in. For example: write “wedding” and “flowers” to see photos tagged with those two words, in case you want to take a look at some centerpieces. It’s like Instagram, but with better quality and wider word filters.

You can also find trending ideas by just clicking themes like food, home, men’s style, DYI, humor, travel, Everything, animals, celebrities, cars, and much more.

Once you find something you like, just pin it and will instantly be saved on your newest board (created on your profile).

The main difference between Pinterest and Instagram is the essence: the first one is to curate images and the second one is to create artistic pics.

So, if you are planning an event we suggest you take a look at Pinterest. Use the browser and have fun watching hundreds and hundreds of photos that will open your mind and help you get to the perfect idea.

Visit www.pinterest.com

How to decorate the pool for your event

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If you’re hosting an outdoor event, there are many things to take in consideration. One of them is the pool decoration, in case you have a pool and your gathering is not for swimming.

Having a pool around is great, when it comes to decoration. There are so many beautiful things you can do to make it an enjoyable spot to watch.

Water has always been fun, but is also great to decorate. It’s so versatile and will always serve as a natural mirror. So, let’s take a look at the coolest options to decorate your pool for your next outdoor event:

  1. LED lights: This one is traditional. Change the color of water with LED lights and that will help to set the mood during your nighttime event.
  2. Italian pool lights: They work as plastic balloons that have a light inside. They are easy to use and they’ll bring elegance. You just have to let them float. Meanwhile their lights will reflect on the water, creating a great atmosphere.
  3. Candles: Surround your pool with candles. These one is so romantic and easy to do! You’ll just need some candles and stylish glass holders for them.
  4. Floating Candles: Also romantic. Put lots of candle holders inside your pool with the candles inside. The movement of fire is always something special and mystic. Your guests will appreciate this kind of decoration.
  5. Floating flower arrangements: Yes, they exist! Maybe you never heard of them, but they exist. You can ask for floating flower arrangement with the name of the birthday girl, a year, a word, or whatever you like.
  6. Chinese lanterns: This idea is for the space above the pool. You can add rows of Chinese lanterns or paper lanterns to create an exotic environment. You’ll need a pair of posts near the pool, or any kind of structure, to attach the strings that are going to be above the pool.

Fondue will keep them happy

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The worldwide known Swedish plate, fondue, is simply exquisite. There’s no doubt about it. It’s one of the most popular dishes around the world and it’s always one of the traditional options inside catering catalogues. That’s why we think we should let you know that fondue is a great choice to pamper your guests during your upcoming event.

Before we go further, let’s get something straight: it’s clear that some people are allergic to cheese and others suffer from lactose intolerance. That’s why we want you to know that there are various types of fondue.

For lunch or dinner, you can choose the traditional cheese fondue –made with Gruyere, Appenzeller, Sbrinz, Vacherin or Emmental cheese–, accompanied by bread, sausages, croutons, and potatoes. That will surely be a hit.

The second option is meat fondue. This one is not that popular but is also delicious. Guests will pick red or/and white meat to be cooked in hot oil. Then, they’ll dip in sauce (options like honey mustard, curry, tomato, and chili, among others). It’s a different experience that can also work along with cheese fondue perfectly, because they are divergent.

The last selection is also a delightful complement. We are talking about chocolate fondue. It’s simply amazing and works perfectly for dessert. You can dip marshmallows, fruits (kiwis, bananas, tangerines, mangoes, strawberries, grapes, pears, apples, etc.), bread, pretzels, and mini waffles.

You see? There’s an option for everyone when it comes to fondue. That’s why everybody loves this famous plate that’s been around in North America since 1960s.

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