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Free magic with Eventbase

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For the past weeks, we have brought you several apps to help you during the event planning process. However, we never brought you one like Eventbase. Why? Because now it’s free.

If you’re thinking we are kidding… no, we are not. Eventbase, a worldwide known service for being used by the organizers of the Olympics of London 2012, is now offering the option to create your event app for free.

“Create an event app for free and bring the power of a premium event app platform to your conference, festival or meeting. Eventbase Free allows you to offer a feature-rich native app to attendees at events of any size. The best part – it won’t cost you a thing”, writes the enterprise on its website (www.eventbase.com).

Among the features, you’ll find:

  • Get your conference content or festival lineup into one intuitive app in three simple steps
  • Making updates is seamless and what’s even better, the launch of your event lineup within the Eventbase app makes it even easier for you to promote
  • Manage multiple events on the same platform

Eventbase was awarded in 2014 as the Best Event App during The Cannes Lions Festival. This is just one of several awards that the company has achieved.

To try Eventbase, go to www.eventbase.com and just enjoy.

Your wedding… your pet

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Your ally. Your best friend. Your family. Those are usually the meanings of a pet for its owner. It’s simply a big deal and that’s why you can’t leave that special animal out of your big day. So, let’s have a look at a couple of ideas to include your pet in your wedding celebration. Dog? Cat? Donkey? Monkey? Pig? Horse? It doesn’t matter. Any of those pets can have a place and a task during the ceremony. No joke! Any of your four-legged friend can stand as the flower girl or as the ring bearer, but never forget to dress him according to the situation: tux, hat, flower crown, tutu, bow tie, etc. And if you’re wondering if that’s possible… yes, it is! In most pet stores, you can find outfits for this type of festivities. If not, you can hire a tailor. It’s important to choose the correct clothes for your pet, because for sure you’ll want him/her to be part of the wedding photoshoot. Imagine this: a lovely couple holding their Schnauzer (bow tie on the neck), just hours away from getting married. To have success including your pet as flower girl or as ring bearer, you’ll need to train him/her to avoid distractions during the walk to the altar. Then, he/she can remain near you during the ceremony. For sure, you’ll need an obedient animal or you’ll regret the choice of making him/her part of that special day. In case you consider that four-legged or two-legged friend part of your family, don’t leave him aside. Make space for him, because his love is unconditional. He deserves to be part of your big day. No doubts about it!

Create your own event app with EventMobi

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Web-based or native? That’s a common question event planners has when they are about to choose the perfect app for their event. It’s not an easy decision, but people from EventMobi are trying to make it way easier.

They have more than 5 years in the market of event apps, offering the chance to easily create your own app through their services. They provide a fusion between web-based and native apps so you can enjoy a software that also works when you are offline.

The main features of EventMobi are:

1. Easily drag-and-drop to customize the first page of the event app every attendee will see

2. Find your event app through their web browser or any app store

3. Generate revenue by offering sponsors in-app advertising space

4. Include great details like your logo in the app you created for your event

5. Speak to all you attendees with an event app that translates into multiple languages. Currently available in 17 languages

6. If you want to go safe, the app can ask your guests to use a credential to access

In case you are seduced by these features, there’s a free trial. Just go to www.eventmobi.com and clic the button “free trial”.

Like many event apps, EventMobi also provides metrics to measure the impact of your gathering: page views and activity details that can also be useful to find sponsors. So, getting some hard numbers won’t be a problem.

Broadcast your event for free with these 2 options

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Your event should be everywhere. That’s what all hosts want, especially the ones that are organizing a corporate event. So, we thought on how we could help you be viral and reach new heights, and we came up with the idea of sharing our 2 favorite tools to broadcast live for free. They are powerful options and you won’t have any extra charges for using them.

The first one just came into the market and is already making a big impact. We are talking about the Live Stories of Instagram. This is the latest update from this popular Social Network. Now you are able to stream live through an Instagram story. The best thing? It’s free and easy to use. This feature also admits comments from users that are watching, something that will promote interaction. In general, you can feel free to stream whatever you wish. Just make sure you have a safe, strong, and fast Wi-Fi connection in your smartphone or tablet.

However, the bad side of Live Stories of Instagram is that you can only stream them with a mobile device, and you can only see them in a mobile device. If this is a problem for you, we bring you option number 2: You Tube Live Streaming.

This choice we just mentioned is a little more complicated to set up. Nevertheless, it’s still simple. The great advantage is that you’ll be able to stream through any device (phone, pc, laptop, etc.) and users will also be able to enjoy your content in any gadget that has access to Internet.

Remember that, to use any of these two options, you’ll need an account. That’s not a problem. Just create one if you still don’t have a profile on Instagram or a channel on You Tube.

Live Streaming is such a powerful tool. Don’t forget this. You can use it for those guests who couldn’t make it to your special occasion, or for that large audience that’s waiting for your Product Launch. From social to corporate. The sky is the limit folks!

Drones all around

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Nowadays drones are a big trend inside the world of technology. They are everywhere and they are actually getting cheaper and cheaper, to expand the size of their market. That’s why every day is easier to buy a drone or to rent one for an event. Believe us, they are worth it!

Everyone is used to that photographer that will take pictures at the red carpet, at the entrance, or at the dance floor. But… how about a turn? With drones, you will be able to capture new angles and create memorable pics. So, we invite you to think out of the box.

Buy or rent a drone to get aerial videos or aerials photographs of your event. These two options will provide an exceptional material that shows every corner of your venue, for example, in just one pic. Also you´ll be able to do awesome group photographs, covering a range you won’t be able to cover with the typical photographer that goes from corner to corner.

For outdoor events they are way better. Picture this: beach wedding, beautiful natural backdrop, and 100 guests. Use the drone to record videos or to take photographs from the angle of the sea. Also use it to capture the immensity of the ocean, without leaving behind the ceremony that’s taking place in the shore.

If you are thinking about corporate events, drones are great to capture large groups of guests and that’s how you can show that you had great attendance numbers.

For the record, you can find in the market (rent or buy) different types of drones: with 3 propellers, with 4 propellers, with 6 propellers, and also with 8 propellers. Your choice should depend on the camera you’re going to hang on the drone, in case it’s not integrated

Remember: We suggest the use of drones as a complement, not as a replacement of the traditional photographer.

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