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Pool Party must have

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Summer is already here and everybody wants to avoid the hot weather without stop having fun. If you have a pool at home, this is your opportunity to became the favorite host of the season. Save this article and remember each of the next tips:   FLOATS: There’s nothing trendiest than having some colorful, fun shaped y VERY BIG floats for your guests. Even the most masculine men would like to use them. PINEAPPLE: The queen of these days. This fruit is essential in every pool party decoration. Keep its originals colors for a natural atmosphere or recreate it in monochromatic vibrant tones for a high level themed party. Pineapples looks even perfect for chic and elegant decorations if you paint them in gold or silver. There’s no need to use real fruits (it’s better to eat or drink them), check out some diy tutorial to make you owns with easy to find materials. Another hot fruit of this summer is the watermelon. ¡Make them yours!   POLYNESIAN VIBE: Who said only children can have animated characters inspired parties? If you like to feel yourself like a polynesian princess in your own palace, just try recreating an island paradise in your backyard. Everything should be about the same theme: decorations, food, beverages, souvenirs, games, costumes and, obviously, YOU! LIGHTS: At night the party gets better, so don’t forget to have an original lighting set to keep the fun in a memorable way after the sun sets.
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