Wonder Woman Sweet Sixteen inspiration

Wonder Woman came back to remember the world that every girl has a strong goddess inside. What a better way to celebrate your sweet sixteen than showing everybody your inner power and all your glam. We’re going to help to make the big step from Amazon Princess to Superhero in an unforgettable WW themed party. Decorations: Gold, blue and red are the main colours to use. Combine an elegant set with funny centerpieces and balloons. Even when it’s not a little girl’s birthday party don’t miss a big themed cake. Recreate some of the abilities of Diana of Themyscira by incorporating some swords, arrows and cords into decor details. Party = Fun: Be sure to have some elements to make your guests feel like superheroes too. Selfie time will get a higher level with masks, photo props and backdrops. You can even have some capes, belts, bracelets and shields for a “Costume Time” photo session. In the movie Diana talks about her dancing abilities, show yours in one of our lighted dance floors. Styling: You can decide between having a costume party or showing off the glamorous woman you are becoming. We bet on glam. Choose a dress inspired by the ones used in the film or in those worn by Gal Gadot at the premiere. Do the same with your hair style. Be sure to incorporate features of Wonder Woman into details such as your nails, make-up and accessories.
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