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Everything You Need to Do in the 48 Hours Before Your Wedding

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In the last two days before your wedding, the biggest details are probably taken care of by now. But, there’s still more to do. To make sure your big day goes off without a hitch, make sure to check these last-minute tasks off your list:

• Confirm the number of guests who will be attending with your caterer.

• Transport anything you’re providing to the venue, like favors or a cake server, and hand off guests’ welcome bags to the hotel concierge or your wedding planner.

• If you’re staying in a hotel after the reception, leave your suitcases with the front desk ahead of time.

• Either you or your planner, should email your attendants a timeline of the day’s schedule, including where to be and when group photos will begin.

• Assign a responsible bridesmaid, friend, or family member to field day-of guest inquiries, pass out tips to vendors, collect any cards or gifts left at the reception, and keep track
of legal documents, like your wedding license.

• To be sure they’ll look fresh, go for mani-pedis the day before the wedding.

• Assemble a wedding-day kit that contains essentials like bobby pins, bandages, ibuprofen, breath mints, and fashion tape.

• If you’re leaving for your honeymoon the day after, go ahead and get packed beforehand.

• Print copies and email yourself pertinent details, like vendor phone numbers, your vows, and the photographer’s must-get shot list so they won’t be hard to find.

The most important thing of all, don’t forget to enjoy your day!

A fairy tale made with candlelight!

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Romance is the number one topic for a wedding and there’s really no other lighting that evokes more romance, than a touch of candlelight.

Classy, timeless and gorgeous, candles could give your wedding reception and ceremony, more romance and glamour. Imagine, you walking down the aisle with the light of hundreds of white candles, plus spectacular floral arrangements and in the end, the love of your life standing there, just waiting for you to arrive. Isn’t that a lovely picture?

Well, we are here to guide you and give you our advice, and it is: “go for it!” No matter the theme or style of your wedding, there’s always a candlelight option that will have you glowing with excitement. For example, you can arrange tall chandeliers for the tables of the reception, maybe a big flower center piece with little candles around in the same color tone of the decoration. There are countless ways to use this spectacular and simple resource, but no matter how you decide to use it, candles will bring to your atmosphere the elegance, romance and warmness you are looking for in this big day.

Also, don’t forget that candles are not only for romance and weddings, you can use them in other kind of celebrations. Maybe an elegant dinner party, a baptism, first communion. Even when you are celebrating a birthday, the candles must be present on top of the cake!

A different way to say welcome!

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Now a days there are a lot of new trends to decorate your wedding reception, that maybe years before people didn’t think about using. An example of this, is the welcome sign, a special way to tell your guest “welcome to the most important day of our lives!”

The welcome sign, is the first wedding detail that your guest will see, so it have to be absolutely spectacular and it should offer a little taste of what to expect next.

You can be creative and design a beautiful sing, that goes with the theme of the party. Maybe if you have a classic decoration you will prefer a monogrammed chalkboard easels look. But if you’re throwing of a seaside bash, probably a calligraphed pieces of driftwood will be the perfect touch. You can also adorn a sign with colorful blooming florals, for a festive summer wedding or hang eucalyptus garlands, for a bohemian affair. Also sleek graphics and cool typography for a modern twist, could be you ideal welcome sign.

This new idea also provides an important service for your guests. Many couples use them as a master itinerary, maybe a map to direct guests to the their seats or to explain where can they find everything inside. Is a very creative idea and you can be sure that your guest will love it.

Remember to put a personal wedding hashtag on the sign, so your guests can be sure to use it, while sharing all of those candid moments.

This idea definitely should go in your wedding decor checklist for your special day!

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