Summer is here! It’s time to take the dust off your bathing suits and start enjoying the sun.

As part of this season of the year, ideas for great events rise. There are tons of ways to celebrate during vacations and one of them is throwing a fabulous beach party. That’s why we took the liberty to name these 5 essentials.

Let’s start the ride:

1.- Indoor and outdoor

It’s not easy to get permission to throw a party in the beach. So, if you don’t get it, you can also do it inside a house. In this case, decorate the hall with towels, beach balls, umbrellas, paper lanterns and inflatable pools. Those items will create a great atmosphere.

2.- Fruity drinks

It’s a beach party and we are in the middle of a natural sight, so we must take advantage of that. We suggest offering your guests fruity alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. To include cocktails with Coconut Rum is always a good choice. You can also make a Vodka Watermelon and some jelly shots.

3.- Chips and salsa

We know that snacks are usually an expensive part of every event, but there’s a simple choice that fits perfectly in a beach party: some chips and tomato-based salsa.

4.- Dress code

Be strict! One of the most important things in a beach party is to have beachwear on: bikini and shorts/beach dress for women; shorts and t-shirt for men.

5.- Wood fire

In case you did your party at the beach or you have a big terrace, a wood fire sets the perfect ending for this kind of event. Gather around it and enjoy some great company!