Planning a good party is quite a challenge because you need to take in consideration several matters. From the number of guests to the decoration, there’s lots of work to do. So, don’t lose your mind and follow these five steps to create a perfect atmosphere for every single person that will accept your invitation.

1.- Calculate your guest list

Sit down with patience and start writing the names of your guests. Meanwhile keep any social network open (Ex. Facebook) to easily find people you could invite to your event. Also think about your different social circles to avoid forgetting someone. We suggest the use of applications to save the name and contact of every guest (Ex. Attendium). Later you will have the final number to move on to the next step.

2- Define your budget

It’s easy to avoid spending money arbitrarily when you know what you want. Just define if you will include furnishing, decor, staging, lighting, live music, D.J., catering, liquor, staffing, etc. Once you got the checklist, stick strictly to it and then investigate prices. Take your time because being in a hurry will only cause trouble.

3.- Pick a date

This stage is vital. Remember to choose a date that is convenient for your guests. Also try not to coincide with other important parties. In conclusion, make sure you take in consideration holidays, other events and work hours.

4.- Choose a location

Depending on the budget calculated, elaborate a list of places where you would like to organize your party. Avoid exceeding the capacity of the location and also avoid choosing a big venue for just a few guests. Remember the existence of neighbors, in case you are planning to use a house or a building’s party hall.

5.- Hire security

Your guests want to feel safe. That’s for sure. Always try to hire security, especially for the entrance. The guards should have the list of invitees and it’s better if you give the command to deny the access to anyone that’s not in that paper.