Decorating with candles can be a very profitable and practical option that will bring a romantic touch to your parties. This versatile element never goes out of style and can make even the simplest space look absolutely splendid. The natural lighting of the fire gives the sensation of intimacy and warmth. In addition, prints its particular stamp on the celebration. Today we tell you some tips that you should know when you are decorating your parties with candles:

  • The first thing is safety. Take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. Do not forget we are decorating with fire, and they are lots of people around and materials that could burn very easily.
  • Always place the candles on a base so when the paraffin falls, it can be there to support the candle.
  • Select the candles according to your needs and decoration:
  • Tea candles: they are small, have different colors and last between 5 and 6 hours.
  • Aromatic candles: modern and perfect to acclimate with its pleasant perfume.
  • Column candles or pillars: the most used in decorations, are thick and very durable.
  • Floating candles: they are similar to tea candles. They are placed in containers with water and look extremely beautiful.
  • Candle centerpieces are an excellent option to bring elegance to the place. You can play with candles in many ways that will suit perfectly to the theme of your party. For example: butterflies placed next to a flower arrangement.

Whatever is the reason for your celebration, a candle decoration will always be a good and
elegant choice.