While in Latin America people celebrate “Quince Años” or “Quinceañeras”, in North America girls enjoy their Sweet Sixteen party.

Turning sixteen is an important matter for girls. They are just about to enter to a new stage of life, leaving behind adolescence and welcoming adulthood with arms wide open. In a few words, it’s a key moment.

So, taking in consideration the importance of this phase, we did a list with essentials things every girl wants to see at her Sweet Sixteen party. Let’s take a look!

  1. She wants a beautiful long dress. That’s the first thing. For a girl, a Sweet Sixteen party is the closest celebration to a wedding, so for sure a gown will be on her mind.
  2. She is dreaming with a big cake, especially one with her name on it and beautiful details all around. Don’t forget to include this popular dessert in your plans, if you want the night to be perfect.
  3. She wants all eyes on her. That’s why you need to focus on her entrance to the venue. Use lighting and special music when she is entering the room, because she wants to steal the show.
  4. Remember to set up everything for the first dance, just after her big entrance. No one dances until the birthday girl finishes her first dance, which usually is saved for her father.
  5. She is obsessed with a photoshoot, so hire a photographer to take some artistic and themed pics before the party. For sure her best friends will be part of that session.
  6. Surprise her with a present when the clock hits midnight. That would be the cherry on top of the cake.