Yes, we know. Selfies are cool and trendy. However, some other things are cool as well and they never grow old. One of those is a physical photograph for your wallet or the door in your room. There’s so much magic in it, especially if the moment portrayed it’s worth looking back. That’s why everyone will adore the idea of a Photo Booth at your next event.

There are so many gifts you can take home from a party. Usually inflatables, stickers, pencils, glasses and fake hair are the most popular ones. Nevertheless, we promise you that a physical picture with funny backgrounds and phrases will be your guest’s favorite.

For those who still aren’t familiarized with a Photo Both, it’s a small cabin where people enter, choose themes for various pictures and smile for the camera. Just when they step out, the printer will be producing the physical photographs.

If you are wondering: what’s so cool about it? Well, let us enlight you. First of all, a Photo Booth it’s a great tool for marketing. If your event is a product launch, you can design a frame with the logo of your enterprise and the product itself. You can also add phrases that will augment the impact of your merchandise (for example, a dialogue cloud that says: I Love Samsung Galaxy S7).

For events like weddings, a Photo Booth is also great. A stylish frame with the names of the couple is a great idea. In fact, you can add funny phrases that are related to the fiancés.

The pictures produced by a Photo Booth will always be easy to keep, because of its size. They will also be available digitally, in case you want to have it on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

We guarantee that a Photo Booth at your party will be a hit. It’s so fun and simple at the same time, that’s practically impossible to fail if you put one. For sure, your guests will feel as if they were at a theme park or a fair, two places where items like these are everywhere.