Hello folks! Halloween is just a couple of weeks away. Maybe you’re wondering what you’ll wear or how you’ll decorate your house, so we brought this post to be of help.

We know usually every Halloween decoration includes a carved pumpkin, so we’re going to teach you how to do one. It’s quite easy and it’s something worth to do, especially if you’re a creative person. Let your imagination fly!

  1. The first step is to buy a big pumpkin at the supermarket and take it home. Then choose a sharp serrated knife to make a crown-type circle (removable) on the top of the pumpkin. Kids don’t try this without the supervision of an adult.
  2. Remove the crown you made and, with a large spoon, remove seeds, fibers, and flesh. This is the worst part, taking in consideration you’ll need patience and some strength in your hand. However, you can feel motivated after this step because it’s the hardest part.
  3. Start designing the face of your pumpkin! Use a marker to draw guide lines over the surface. You can do the traditional face (triangle-formed eyes and nose, and smile with five teeth) or try a creepy design with a menacing mouth. You can also use circled-eyes, for example. In few words, the sky’s the limit.
  4. With the same sharp serrated knife used during the first step, cut the parts of the face with the help of guide lines. Then remove the forms cut and retouch if you need to.
  5. Once you have your design ready, remove the crown and put a lantern or a candle inside the pumpkin. A lantern is always better, to avoid a fire. Nevertheless, the movement of candles is terrific, so, if you choose to put one, make sure that it’s a small one and that it’s over a plate.