Vintage wedding, DYI wedding, retro wedding, modern wedding, and traditional wedding are some of the most used styles around the world for the “big day”. There are lots of options when it comes to wedding themes and among these popular selections the rustic wedding appears. It’s one of America’s favorite themes. So, let’s take a look at it.

First, a rustic wedding is one with nature. Animals, threes, flowers, and grass are very welcomed in this kind of celebration. That’s why they are usually celebrated in outdoor areas (beach, mountain, etc.), a barn or a wooden house.

The key element in a rustic wedding is abundant wood. Use wooden signs, carved manually, to identify zones, to share important phrases, and to show the names of the bride and groom. Also, use stylish wooden chairs, if you like, and tent and canopies made of wood.

Wooden barrels as décor are a must in rustic weddings. Some use them as tables, other just use them as decoration with straw.

As centerpieces and glasses, it’s popular to use jars. If that sounds ugly to you, don’t panic. It’s simple but it’s a great match for the theme. Also, centerpieces with wooden base are a great choice.


If you’re asking yourself what should I wear for a rustic wedding, you made it right on time. The attire can be the traditional one: white gown and black tux. But, there’s an option to add the final touch. Use cowboy boots to put the cherry on top of the pie. You can also ask your bridesmaids to use them too.

In case you are a country music fan, of course it’s a perfect idea for this kind of gathering. However, it’s not as vital as the wooden décor.

Now you have a basic notion on how to make a rustic wedding. Are you planning to have one? Just give us a call!

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