We all have in mind with a celebration the food, the seats, the tables, the decoration. But in all the party planning we forget the most important thing to do in your own party: to have fun!

For having a glorious moment to share with your guest is essential to choose the right entertainment, a full team that knows how to keep your friends and family on the dance floor without forgetting the things you like.

When you serve a meal all your guests are instructed to eat at the exact same time and many of those guests, once they sit down to eat, they may not get back up! Prevent this from happening by opting for buffet-style stations instead. This allows guests to eat on their own time, and keeps the food from getting cold for those who refuse to take off their dancing shoes.

Start to set the party tone for the evening and once everyone is dancing, keep people on the dance floor. Include dancing between courses and minimize down time, all we want is to dance, dance, dance!”

Before doing anything else you have to remember to get rid of the biggest tradition: the schedule! Let the party take its own course and go with the flow. Also, is absolutely necessary to maintain an excellent communication with your party planner, this is the key to create an awesome event, and most important to enjoy yourself!