First of all, let’s make something clear: you don’t want your event to coincide with other gatherings of the industry, because that could mean less audience for you. Simple, but significant. That’s how we start this post, to help you choose the perfect day for your next event.

As we said, the first and most important step is to do some research and avoid any coincidence. Try yours to be the only event that’s going to take place that day. To achieve it, identify your competitors and be informed about what they are planning. This advice is applicable for products launches, conventions or any social gathering.

The second matter to take in consideration are the holidays. Avoid them, unless your planned evening is related to one of them (Ex. Christmas), because that could mean some of your key audience is on vacation and will not attend.

Third, but not least, remember to check on the sporting events calendar. For example, you don’t want your event to coincide with the Super Bowl or the UEFA Champions League final, unless it’s specifically to watch the game in an special environment. If you desire all the attention, don’t mess with sports!

Weather is another thematic that’s vital. You don’t want to organize an outdoor event with cocktail attire in the middle of the hottest day of the year, or you don’t want to plan an outdoor event during a snowy day. That’s clear… isn’t it?

When choosing a date, you’ll need to be focused on your audience. If we are talking about a business event, avoid Saturdays and Sundays. But if we are talking about a social event, the weekend is always a must.

Now you have five things to consider before choosing the perfect day for your next event. Go ahead and choose wisely!

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