The month of love arrived, the purest feeling of humanity. The date to celebrate with that beloved person and make her feel more special. Therefore, everyone begins to think about what to do to have a different intimate moment, get out of the routine and renew vows. If you still have nothing in mind, today we give you some ideas to make your romantic dinner unforgettable:

Exotic menu: If you are a couple that loves to try new things, this is the time to show off. Think about the gastronomy that you have always wanted to know and get to work. You can also try dishes with an aphrodisiac touch.

• Toast for two: To fire the spark of love, fruit cocktails, a good wine, a bottle of champagne or drinks of your choice, do not fall bad.

• Dreamlike atmosphere: How about a dinner under the stars? You do not need much, just a little creativity and a lot of love. The garden of your house can be part of the moment; some aromatic candles, floral arrangements and a table for two. A fairytale evening is possible!

• Desserts of love: If there is something that should not be missing in a relationship is the sweet touch. Give your partner an unforgettable night and close with a flourish. Cold chocolates, cupcakes or cakes with heart shapes could be your perfect allies.

• Cheerz Box: Take advantage of technology! With this mobile application you can give your partner a unique memory: photos of social networks in polaroid format. You can choose from several options such as heart magnets, personalized photo album or photo booth strips. It will be an added value that will earn you many points.

• Musical evening: Who does not like music? And more when you share that bubble of love in which both are involved. Create a playlist with your favorite songs or those that have marked your relationship. It will bring back memories that possibly, due to the monotony of day to day, have been left aside.Remember that it is an intimate moment, do not forget to turn off your cell phone and enjoy the evening. You will see how the magic lights up!