For sure you have heard phrases like: “Let’s go to that lounge bar” or “the lounge area is cooler”.

Nowadays the term “lounge” is known worldwide, because the type of context that it represents is comfortable, relaxed, cozy, and elegant. In fact, the word itself comes from a variation of the musical genre of jazz, a calming type of music, that was originated during the decade of 1950.

In lounge areas, relaxation meets entertainment and social interaction. Sound good, no? Well, that’s why they are so popular around the world and they have their own identity, with specific lighting and furniture.

When it comes to creating a lounge area, furniture is a key element. You’ll need cocktail chairs and tables, puffs and sofas… many sofas. Remember, your objective is to promote relaxation and conversation, not dancing.

Your lounge area should be sacred. Respect the social interaction between your guests with a musical background that will not interrupt conversation. Also, remember to choose comfortable furniture, because your main objective is to generate relaxation.

Lounge furniture should be white or cream, because those colors can be mixed perfectly with any set of lights… and light is also a key element to create a relaxing environment.

The last things remaining are good cocktails and exquisite music. Then, you’re ready!

Check out our lounge furniture to create a perfect context for your next event:

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