We believe that the wedding season is always around. That’s why we keep bringing subjects about that special day, and for this post we are going to talk about trendy outfits to get married. Guys, take note!

Ok, let’s make one thing clear: a black tuxedo will always be a good choice. However, it’s fun to consider new ideas for that outfit you’ll wear during that unique date.

Blue tux: Hollywood’s most popular stars chose the blue tux during many events, in 2016 (Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, etc.). That’s why this piece gained popularity in the world of tux rental. To be specific, we are talking about the navy-blue and the royal blue tuxes. Matt Bomer, Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, and Eddie Redmayne are some of the celebrities that chose this clothing style. Get married with something different, but still adequate and extremely elegant. Try blue!

Red tux: Maybe you are scared right now. Don’t be! A wine type of red for your wedding outfit will be so stylish. It’s not traditional, but that doesn’t mean you’re leaving elegance behind. No way! A wine-red tux is powerful and sophisticated. A white shirt and a black bow tie will be the best companions for this attire. It’s also a classy style that Hollywood’s finest stars choose frequently. Try red!

For the record, these two options, added to the classical black tuxedo, are very popular around the globe. They fit perfectly in a modern atmosphere. Nevertheless, if you want something different, visit your tailor and ask him for advice. Tell him you would like to try blue or red for that special occasion. He’ll know what to do!

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