Harmony, calm and sophistication are the words that define the cold tone that will mark the new trend in 2019 the so call “Metropolitan Gray”. The perfect balance and versatility will be on your side next year with a big amount of proposals that you can combine playing with different materials and textures.

The trend that is more involved in this new style is the industrial, so you can conquer your spaces with a modern decoration accompanied by accent accessories such as furniture, cushions, sculptures or paintings, with prints and striking colors such as yellow, green or pink.

Another way to take advantage of the benefits of this gray tone is using metallic elements that bring a bright touch to the environment. Once you try it, nothing will be the same for you.

Also, we have some ideas if you are a nature lover. Play with your outside decoration and add that bright touch to create harmony and more freshness. Colorful flowers and lots of green can be the ideal complement.

Without a doubt, the simplicity and subtlety of the Metropolitan Gray will make the decoration of your spaces look much tidier without being boring. You’ll absolutely love it! And if you need any help or any more tips you can call all and we’ll be incredibly happy to help you create the perfect environment for that special day!