Mexico is just around the corner, specially for the citizens that habitate the southern region of the United States of America. That’s why its culture has spread in states like Texas and California. But we are not here to talk about geography… we are here to talk about what’s needed to throw an unforgettable MEXICAN FIESTA, one those that going to be commented for day or weeks.

FOOD: The core of mexican culture its the food. Mexican plates are famous all around the world and that’s why there are so many fast-food chains that dedicate their menu for this type of gastronomy. Well, considering this fact, the food must be vital in your Mexican Fiesta. Appetizers like nachos with cheese, chili and guacamule are a must, but don’t leave it there. Add mini tacos (meat, pork or chicken), spicy shrimps, quesadillas, melted cheese with “chorizo” and jalapeños. In case you want to offer lunch or dinner, burritos will be just fine.

DRINKS: Without tequila, there’s no Mexican Fiesta. So offer tequila shots with lemon and salt, and the famous Tequila + Sprite drink. Magaritas (including the spicy one) and Tequila Punch are also classics among mexican drinks.

DECOR: Big mexican hats and serapes all over the place! That’s a good thing to start. Remember to decorate with a large palette of colors, because the mexican culture is a happy and colorfull one. For the walls, you can hang mexican hankerchiefs, photos of mexican katrinas or mexican skulls.

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