Pinterest has operated since 2010 as a free website and mobile application to share photos. Today, the company calls itself “the world’s catalogue of ideas”. That’s the main reason why we want to talk about Pinterest: it’s a vast universe of ideas and concepts for event planners.

First of all, Pinterest is easy to use. Just create a profile and start searching. You’ll have fun for hours, especially if you are planning an event during the upcoming days, weeks, or months.

Finding ideas is simple. Use the browser to create filters in order to find photos related to the theme you are interested in. For example: write “wedding” and “flowers” to see photos tagged with those two words, in case you want to take a look at some centerpieces. It’s like Instagram, but with better quality and wider word filters.

You can also find trending ideas by just clicking themes like food, home, men’s style, DYI, humor, travel, Everything, animals, celebrities, cars, and much more.

Once you find something you like, just pin it and will instantly be saved on your newest board (created on your profile).

The main difference between Pinterest and Instagram is the essence: the first one is to curate images and the second one is to create artistic pics.

So, if you are planning an event we suggest you take a look at Pinterest. Use the browser and have fun watching hundreds and hundreds of photos that will open your mind and help you get to the perfect idea.