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Services | Our Capabilities

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Chairs Barstools

reat your guests to the best chair and barstool rentals available! Our high-quality luxury rentals are bound to impress your guests, whether it is chair rentals for a wedding ceremony, or rentals for…

Furnishing Bar and Bar Backs

Dining Tables

We offer a wide range of luxury event rental table in an array of different sizes and designs to suit your event needs. Our luxury table rentals are bound to impress your guests and create a mesmerizing…

Cocktail Tables

Treat your guests to the best chair and barstool rentals available! Our high-quality luxury rentals are bound to impress your guests, whether it is chair rentals for a wedding ceremony, or rentals…

Furnishing Bar and Bar Backs

Bar & Bar Backs

Beverages are a key part of every event, and our bar rentals can meet your needs, reflect your style and delight your guests. Our bar backs are a quintessential way of elevating your bar area…


Silverware is the essential touch to any dining experience and the perfect way to impress your guests! The right utensils will elevate the desired atmosphere and add the final flourish to your meal


Glasses are the quintessential touch to any celebration, enhancing the ambiance and leaving a lasting impression on your guests. From sleek wine glasses to classic tumblers, our curated collection ensures your drinks are served in style, adding that final flourish to your event.


At Harmony Rental, we understand that every dining experience is an opportunity to create something truly special. Our collection of dinnerware plates embodies elegance, style, and functionality, providing the perfect canvas for showcasing culinary creations.

Charger Plates

Transforming an ordinary meal into an extraordinary dining experience is an art, and at Harmony Rental, we specialize in providing the perfect accents to make your event truly memorable. Our collection of charger plates boasts elegance, style, and versatility, offering the ideal foundation for any table setting, from classic to contemporary.


Table linens are the cornerstone of a beautifully appointed table, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. From luxurious satin to crisp linen, our handpicked collection ensures that every detail of your event reflects elegance and sophistication. 

Dance Floors

Let’s get the​ party​ started! ​Our ​dance floor rentals ​offer an array of different optionsfor your ​special occasion​, from our signature ​starlight​,​ pixel​,​ acrylic LED​, to thetimeless ​white​,​ round dance floors​, and​ personalizable custom wraps​.


Whether it is rain or sun, we want to ensure you have a ​wonderful event​ in an exquisite and ​safe environment​. We offer an ​extensive line of fine tent rentals​ in ​different sizes and styles​. Some of our specialities are the ​classic white tents​, ​clear tents​, ​liner tents​,and ​spandex tents​.

Huppah / Canopies

Our variety of ​wedding ​and​ event canopies​ as well as ​chuppah rentals​ are bound tomake your ​wedding ceremony​ or​ event ​amazing! From ​traditional style chuppahs and ​wedding altar canopies​ to ​modern mirrored canopies,​ we have it all!

Modern Furniture

Set the tone for your contemporary and modern event with our wide variety of modern rental pieces. From sofas, coffee tables, and chairs, all the way to ultra-modern LED furniture cubes,…

Vintage Furniture

Traditional, timeless, and sophisticated. Our wide selection of vintage rental furnishings is going to give that old-world flare to your 21st century event. And believe us we have it all!…

Baroque Furniture

The grandeur of our baroque furniture rentals will be the showstopping pieces of your event. From baby showersweddings, sweet sixteensquinceaneras, and so much more, the diversity of…


We have multiple​ stage system rentals​ to accommodate the needs of your ​event​. Our portable stage risers​ are suited for indoors & outdoor events. We will work closely with you to make sure we provide the ​stage​ you need, from a simple ​acrylic stage​, to ​band staging​, we have it all!


Light up your event! ​The magic touch for ​any event​ is definitely ​lighting​. ​Illumination will set the mood and give that unique touch to your ​event​. We offer ​lighting rentals​ for any size event​, as well as ​custom lighting​, ​backlit LED screens​, and​ even LED dance floor rentals​!


We are here to provide you with all the needs for your ​fashion show​. Our ​runway rentals​ are essential to create the perfect​ high-fashion ​look for your ​show​. We offer an array of r​unway rentals​ to fit your ​style​, from ​LED runways​, ​traditional runways​, to ​acrylic runways​.


Decor​ is what sets the tone for your ​event​, and we offer an ​array of different styles​ to make your dreams come true! We have an ​extensive selection​ of ​rental centerpieces​, ​backdrops​, ​ceiling drapes​, ​LED cubes​, and even ​flower arrangements​!



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