Headaches are everywhere when you are trying to come up with the perfect formula for reception seating. There are always divorced couples that do not get along anymore, ex boyfriends or people who don’t like each other. These kinds of things make the process a little harder. Nevertheless, rules are rules.

After doing some research we developed the list that you’ll find ahead, with those factors that you have to take in consideration when it comes to locate every guest in the perfect table, so they can feel comfortable during your event.

Remember, it’s quite hard to satisfy everyone. However, you can try to do it. Lets go!

  1. Your parents and your fiancé’s parents should sit at the same table, along with grandparents. Brothers and cousins should sit in another place. In case of divorce, you can always be flexible.
  2. Remember you shouldn’t split couples. That’s rude.
  3. The closer you sit someone to the bridal table, the more important he is. Take that in consideration.
  4. Create an area or table just for kids. It’s a good idea to put some coloring books and crayons there, so they don’t get bored.
  5. Put together people that get along well. Those who don’t know anyone should be seated next to sociable guests.
  6. Play Cupid with two friends you think could enjoy each other’s company.