Millennials are all around and that’s why Social Media is such a big deal in these days. If you have no digital presence, you’re almost dead. And this works in every aspect, in every business… including our beloved event planning. We are going to talk about how you should use Social Media to create an impact before, during and after your event.

Go Social

You just thought: “I’m going to organize an event”. What happens next? You should instantly name it and create accounts for it in various social networks. There’s no need to use all of them, but the big three is always a good idea: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. However, if you don’t want to abuse… choose wisely between those 3.

Today, Facebook is still the leader. Instagram is growing fastly, and Twitter has lost space in the market. That’s what you need to know in few words.

We suggest you to be on Facebook first. It’s a perfect place to promote gatherings, specially through event calendar. Then, add Instagram to your strategy, but always remember to have photographic criteria because we are talking about a social network where the look is all.

In case -just in case- you are going to produce information fluently, include Twitter.

Why we are so harsh with the world of 140 characters? Because it’s not made for every situation. On Twitter, the most important thing is immediacy and the big flow of valuable information. It’s another universe, made of people that are consumers of news. It’s short and direct. Take those things in consideration.

There are other options like Snapchat, but Facebook and Instagram also added the concept of “Stories” and that’s killing the little ghost that was once so popular.


Now that you are part of Social Media, the fun starts!

Make your target audience part of the event planning process. If it’s a product launch, for example, give small details about the big day, the product itself and the experience that you’re about to sell. Show your followers what’s happening behind the stage. They’ll love it!

If it’s a Big Party, a Fashion Show or a Concert, also make your audience part of the experience. Show them “In the making” material, without letting them know everything about the experience they are going to have.

For sure, you’ll have the idea of what’s your audience. But if you go Social, you can define that group of people even more. To do that:

  • Post valuable information. Be original and see how your audience reacts
  • With those reactions, do Social Listening to shape your event

Wait! In case you thought it, we are not saying that you should do only what people are requesting. No! That will eliminate the “X Factor” in the equation. What we are trying to communicate is that you should hear carefully to know what your audience is expecting… and how is its personality. Then, with the details you learned, continue to develop new strategies.

By the way, don’t forget to use Social Media to grow and to keep your audience happy. So, do actions like raffles.

The most important thing you need to know is that Social Media is necessary, so include it on the equation and discover great results with good practices. It’s a world that’s so powerful that will allow you to reach a large audience and create a unique personality for your event.


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