She’s beautiful; she’s THE ONE; she’s perfect; she’s all you want; she’s your happiness; she’s your soulmate; and she’s your bride. So, what are you willing to do for her? We are not asking much, but a little bit of singing will surely be a huge surprise for her during the wedding.

Yes, we know: many don’t manage to sing pretty well. It’s not just taking the microphone and following some lyrics, as you do in karaoke, but that’s what will make this fun surprise a gigantic deal for your bride.

Months before the wedding, choose a meaningful song. Select a track that’s special for both. It can be a song you dedicated her or a tune that reminds you a unique moment with her. Once you have the idea, search for the instrumental track on Internet or –if you are having a live band at your party- ask the musicians to play it for you.

Having a band could be very helpful in case you need to adjust the song to your vocal range.

Then the tricky part appears: sign for some singing lessons. No arguing, because you need them. Even if you know how to sing, a tutor can polish your stage presence and help you take control of your nerves.

We promise this plan won’t fail. Make sure no one tells your bride you are preparing a surprise for her. Also take in consideration you have to come up with a good excuse to cover the time you spend in singing lessons.

The look on her face when you start to sing, especially if that’s not your kind of thing, will be unforgettable. C’mon, life’s waiting!