It is not very difficult to imagine that this year the technology will come to make its stellar appearance in the production of corporate events, and it brings a greater challenge. Today we tell you what we’ll be seeing and enjoying in the 2019’s celebrations.

  • The consolidation of LED screens. As customers become more demanding, suppliers have to evolve. Incorporate new formats in faster time periods, that is, more advanced equipment with sharper projections. This will became a great tool.
  • Artificial intelligence. More intuitive apps, more sophisticated sound system, holograms to present products or personalities without them being physically. In short, everything in terms of innovation is put to order for the events that will make history.
  • Connection through Social Networks. Undoubtedly, the growth of the Social Network plays an important role in the evolution of humanity, and the production of events is not exempt from their influence. It is no longer customary to invite only for physical cards; digital cards are also a great help and social networks are the perfect vehicle. In addition, its coverage makes people aware of all the details. An excellent event will always give you something to talk about. And remember that if there are no photos, it did not happen!
  • Real time data. Having control of an event requires a lot of effort and valuable time, therefore, this year the processes are optimized. Today the technology allows to know live data such as the type of profiles of the users that will attend the event. An amount of data provided by app, will be very useful to solve problems and learn more about your guests for subsequent meetings. Of course, always without exceeding the limits of privacy.
  • The influencers are here to stay. Once again, the best friends of the events make their appearance to get the attention of everyone. It’s enough to post a photo, record some videos or retweet the invitation for the celebration to go to another level.

The challenge for this 2019 is, without doubt, to keep up with technological innovations because it is clear to us that everything is applicable when it comes to social events. Just a little creativity is enough and magic happens.