Let’s rewind almost 40 years.

It’s 1977 and puffy hair, fitted blazers, bell-bottoms, skin tight T-shirts, miniskirts and platform shoes are the fashion trends of the moment. In the middle of this context is released the film Saturday Night Fever, starting John Travolta as “Tony” Manero and Karen Lynn Gorney as Stephanie Mangano. Now, let’s steal the acrylic disco dance floor where these two celebrities were dancing in the movie and let’s return to 2016. ¡It’s time to party like Travolta’s younger version!

Nowadays we call that item LED (Light Emitting Diode) floor and it is popular once again, not only among theme party lovers; a true piece of art if you want to offer the whole 70’s experience.

Travolta’s dance moves were worthy of an Academy Award Nomination and they are surely worthy of thousands of theme parties, in case you are just deciding which will be the topic of your next event.

But that’s not all. LED floors are also used for corporate events. Their colors and capacity to reproduce video (depending on the model) attract the attention of the crowd, something that’s powerful when it comes to selling an idea or a product.

Also, LED floors are frequently used for fashion shows. However, white is the color that prevails on these occasions.

Remember: you’re never too old for a theme party. Enjoy!