We know that the mirrors are causing furor since they are a very “chic” trend, in addition they give a touch of light to the decoration, create an effect of amplitude, especially in small spaces. Today we leave you some ideas on how to combine this fine furniture with a sophisticated concept.

  • Locations at the entrance: it will be the first thing that you and your guest will see and it will leave an excellent impression.
  • Use them as a blackboard: you can write in them the menu that will be served, the starters that make up the welcome cocktail, the details that will allow you to highlight the event or simply the phrases that will be made with the environment you want.
  • Include them in places like the drinks bar or part of the photocall decoration.
  • As an auxiliary table: there are some models with geometric designs that delight in their formal simplicity. And if you are of more traditional tastes, you can choose models that maintain the style while still providing a novel touch.
  • Do not recharge the environment where you place the mirrors: remember that their function is to create a more visual space and give minimalist effect.

Undoubtedly, the mirrors are a simple and elegant option that has rebounded this year in the event decorations with the simplicity and luminosity that characterize them. If you like this trend, don’t even think about it, just do it!