If you are planning a Product Launch, an Art Exhibition or just a Lounge Party, we got that one item you need to use smartly: cocktail table.

We are talking about a tall but thin table that’s perfect for guests who just want to enjoy a few minutes in front of an especial area of your event, and then go on to the next one. It’s also ideal for people who just got tired of being seated and want to stand up. In these cases, they’ll have where to put their drinks.

Cocktail tables are perfect for exhibitions, because your invitee will have the chance to stop, for example, in front of an art piece and stay there for a while with the comfort of having where to hang out and put his cocktail on.

Elegance, spacing, and versatility are three characteristics that cocktail tables will bring to your event, because they occupy small spaces and, at the same time, bring people together.

You can add high chairs to every cocktail table, but it’s better when they are alone; it’s cleaner to the eye.

There are many ways to present cocktail tables. The most popular one is to cover them with spandex. Also, you can place a small centerpiece on the top. But remember, don’t be abusive. Avoid big centerpieces, because cocktail tables are usually small.

We mentioned some events that should require the use of cocktail tables. Nevertheless, they are useful in any kind of gathering. Visit our gallery to see some ideas.

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