For those who still don’t know, spandex is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It’s stronger and more durable than natural rubber, in case you thought about competition. It’s also known for being great when it comes to making tight clothes. However, nowadays it has another use: decoration.

Spandex décor brings versatility, modernity and beauty to any event… that’s for sure. It’s perfect to recreate movement and deepness, taking venues to a whole new level, and it can be used for any type of gathering (the color and size will vary, depending on the theme and the occasion).

What can you do with spandex décor? Well, the answer is formed by several options: backdrops, sails, hanging panels, screens, chair covers, chair bands, table covers, table toppers and truss covers.

Even though spandex usually looks spectacular by itself, you can use light on it (especially if you are using white spandex) to set mood or create enjoyable visual experiences for your guests.

Do you want more positive arguments? Ok, let’s go! Spandex is easy to clean and easy to install/remove; is also environment-friendly because of its low maintenance; and, the best of all, is transformable.

No matter the theme or the occasion, spandex is always an option. Take in consideration that this type of material is actually a trend inside the world of event planning.

Try spandex and let us know how your party went!

PD: Give us a call if you want to try spandex decoration at your next event. It’s one of our specialties.