The most beautiful time of the year arrived and with it, endless proposals to decorate your house, or the place for your celebrations. In this 2018, the diversity of styles and colors makes of his to reinvent the classic combination of red and green. Still have not adorned? Apply these ideas:


  • Scandinavian style: inspired by the Nordic landscapes, the forest and the winter, it appeals to the rustic or vintage decoration, using artisan techniques combined with a touch of modernity to create a contemporary atmosphere. The wood details are a must to achieve it.
  • Pastel colors: this year we will see less of the red and green classics to make space for unusual tones this season. The lilac, baby blue, eucalyptus or pink will be the predominant in this new style.
  • Snowy tree: without a doubt, one of the most requested elements this Christmas is the white tree that gives the feeling of snow and cold, is perfect to combine it with pastel shades.
  • Elements and metallic tones: they have caused furor throughout this 2018, and these parties could not stay outside of this magic style. Behind the scenes in pale gold, bronze or silver, chandeliers, chairs, tables and decorative elements such as reindeer in metal can give your home the modern touch you are looking for.
  • Rustic style: if you are bored of everything you commonly see at Christmas, this trend is for you, and the best thing is that you can do it yourself. If your spaces allow it, decorate with fabric-lined canvases of your favorite print, make bows or figures with newspaper or magazines, and homemade candles in earth tones.
  • Vintage decoration: everything that was used a few years ago or maybe decades ago, returns with strength. If you still keep the decorations that your mother or grandmother used, it’s time to dust them off. Ancient crowns made with branches, period furniture, bells and spheres, flowers, candles, flowery centerpieces, branches and fruits. All of these will fit in this fantastic style.


If you still have not decided how to decorate your spaces for these parties, now you will have it more clear. Let’s do it!