We always focused Valentine’s day on couples in love, but we are forgetting that is also a day to celebrate friendships. During our life, we meet special people that become our family and what is more important than family? The answer is nothing so let’s celebrate the friends in our lives!

For this special occasion, we give you some tips to be an amazing host to a different kind of celebration. First the fun! You can arrange to rent a photobooth or a karaoke they will    guarantee a marvelous time for you and your friends!

The decoration. Go to your local grocery and grab flowers in the same color family (maybe not so red) and make some striking centerpieces of floral arrangements. Add some tablecloth, white dishes and some little touches that make a fab looking table.

Drinks and food! A good sangria is easy to make and always a hit. But you can’t serve only drinks although is always the most popular, some delicious quiches will be the perfect match. Also, don’t forget the sweets! Grab somewhere the day some donuts they are easy to serve, look lovely in the table and be honest, who doesn’t like them?

So, are you ready throw a Galentine’s day this year?

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