Although the Greenery has been the color of 2017, this overflowing style of nature is still a very strong trend in weddings, and that freshness and romance it brings, cannot be put aside so easily. If you like it but do not know how to integrate it into your ceremony, today we help you:

  1. The first thing: define what kind of flowers and colors you want to see at your wedding. From there you can display other ideas for decoration.
  2. The invitations: start to give glimpses of how the style of your wedding will be through the cards. You can integrate floral designs or green branches. So your guests will have an idea of what they will find.
  3. A floral arch: nothing more romantic than getting married in a dreamlike environment where flowers frame the most exciting moment of your life: the “I do”.
  4. The reception: the place where all your guests will be having fun to the fullest, celebrating your union. Put some high table centers, where green highlights, will give a modern and distinguished look to your party.
  5. The cake: the sweet touch cannot be miss at your wedding, so the best idea is to keep the same line of decorative elements, on your cake, but in a very subtle and elegant way. A garland can be your best ally in this case.
  6. The bouquet: one of the most important elements of your outfit is the bouquet, so you must consider it to be in harmony with the style of your party.
  7. The botonier: the groom can also be included in this wonderful touch with a small green bouquet, this way he will see himself in agreement with you and the rest of the ceremony.
  8. Decoration of the car: even your transportation on this big day, can take this original touch. Everyone will love it!

We hope these ideas help you define the Greenery style you want for your wedding.Congratulations!