If you’re wondering whether save the date cards are just another thing to add onto your wedding budget, here are some reasons why we think this cards are important to send.

As long as you’ve booked/reserved a wedding date then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t send a save the date cards to your friends, family and potential wedding guests. Here we tell you some reasons why is important to send this cards.

  1. You can introduce your wedding theme from day one and that your guests will look forward to receive your invitations.
  2. Show off your engagement shoot pictures: If you plan on sending personalized save the date cards.
  3. Guarantee your guest list: By sending the cards in advance you’ll know who should be able to attend to your wedding when the big day finally arrives.
  4. Guests attending an overseas wedding may need time to save up — or book their flight tickets to your wedding; the sooner you spread the word, the better!
  5. Sending your save the date cards will make your wedding seem all that more real!
  6. They help to keep in touch: Don’t forget to include your contact details on your save the date cards so that your guests can keep in touch and enjoy the run up to your wedding with you!
  7. Create a buzz: Your wedding guests will feel a buzz of excitement amongst them after having received your save the date cards. Enjoy the moment and prepare for exciting phone calls and texts from the receivers of your postal announcement.

Enjoy the first step of this amazing ride!