Your ally. Your best friend. Your family. Those are usually the meanings of a pet for its owner. It’s simply a big deal and that’s why you can’t leave that special animal out of your big day. So, let’s have a look at a couple of ideas to include your pet in your wedding celebration.

Dog? Cat? Donkey? Monkey? Pig? Horse? It doesn’t matter. Any of those pets can have a place and a task during the ceremony. No joke!

Any of your four-legged friend can stand as the flower girl or as the ring bearer, but never forget to dress him according to the situation: tux, hat, flower crown, tutu, bow tie, etc. And if you’re wondering if that’s possible… yes, it is! In most pet stores, you can find outfits for this type of festivities. If not, you can hire a tailor.

It’s important to choose the correct clothes for your pet, because for sure you’ll want him/her to be part of the wedding photoshoot. Imagine this: a lovely couple holding their Schnauzer (bow tie on the neck), just hours away from getting married.

To have success including your pet as flower girl or as ring bearer, you’ll need to train him/her to avoid distractions during the walk to the altar. Then, he/she can remain near you during the ceremony. For sure, you’ll need an obedient animal or you’ll regret the choice of making him/her part of that special day.

In case you consider that four-legged or two-legged friend part of your family, don’t leave him aside. Make space for him, because his love is unconditional. He deserves to be part of your big day. No doubts about it!

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