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Dance Floors




Acrylic LED Dance Floors

Elegance, sophistication, and stylishness – Those are key words when looking for event furnishing. We have a variety of trendy options to give you the ambiance you are looking for.

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Star Light Dance Floors

If you are looking for attention to detail, you are in the right place. Cleanliness, Sophistication, Elegance…those are key words for your event decoration.

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lighting and staging

Pixel Dance Floors

The magic touch for any event…Lighting! Illumination will set the mood desired and give the final touch to your event. Making a small or large place into an unforgettable venue.

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tents and canopies

White Dance Floors

We want to ensure you have a wonderful event in a very nice and safe environment, we offer an extend line of fine tents in different sizes and design.

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Round Dance Floors

We want you to enjoy your event and not to worry at all. Leave it all in our hands and the hands of our professional and responsible staff.

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Custom Wrap Dance Floors

We are focused on offering a full event planning service. The less you have to worry about, the more you will enjoy your celebration.

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