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Services | Our Capabilities

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Custom Wrap

There is no better way to put your style mark in your event, than with a custom wrap dance floor. This option is fully customizable, comes in an array of options, and can be made…


Round Dance Floors

Yet another classic and elegant choice for a dance floor, is the ever-timeless round dance floor. The look created by this rental option is sophisticated and refined. This option is…

White Dance Floors

You can never be wrong when choosing the classic and sophisticated white dance floor. This classic dance floor is ideal for any kind of event, and is often used at weddings, …


Pixel Dance Floors

Get ready to make your disco fantasy come to life! If you’re looking to add a touch of fun and an array of colorful moving lights to your event, then the pixel dance floor


Starlight Dance Floors

Let’s get the party started! Our starlight dance floor rentals offer an array of different options for your special occasion, the signature starlight, or twilight dance…


Acrylic led dance floors

Our acrylic LED dance floor rentals are bound to give your event a touch of modernity and sophistication! The LED dance floor is a versatile option, we can configure it to match…

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