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5 ideas for your next beach party!

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Summer is here! It’s time to take the dust off your bathing suits and start enjoying the sun.

As part of this season of the year, ideas for great events rise. There are tons of ways to celebrate during vacations and one of them is throwing a fabulous beach party. That’s why we took the liberty to name these 5 essentials.

Let’s start the ride:

1.- Indoor and outdoor

It’s not easy to get permission to throw a party in the beach. So, if you don’t get it, you can also do it inside a house. In this case, decorate the hall with towels, beach balls, umbrellas, paper lanterns and inflatable pools. Those items will create a great atmosphere.

2.- Fruity drinks

It’s a beach party and we are in the middle of a natural sight, so we must take advantage of that. We suggest offering your guests fruity alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. To include cocktails with Coconut Rum is always a good choice. You can also make a Vodka Watermelon and some jelly shots.

3.- Chips and salsa

We know that snacks are usually an expensive part of every event, but there’s a simple choice that fits perfectly in a beach party: some chips and tomato-based salsa.

4.- Dress code

Be strict! One of the most important things in a beach party is to have beachwear on: bikini and shorts/beach dress for women; shorts and t-shirt for men.

5.- Wood fire

In case you did your party at the beach or you have a big terrace, a wood fire sets the perfect ending for this kind of event. Gather around it and enjoy some great company!

Digital invitations are a good choice!

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We know that a physical invitation for a formal party is an idea that never gets old. It’s simply a classic, especially for weddings, baptisms and bar mitzvahs. They are elegant and they give a fancy touch to every festivity. Nevertheless, they also come with a big problem: cost.  Here is where we introduce the digital invitation.

If you are concerned about the budget for your upcoming event, don’t lose your mind. Try to find easy ways to save money, like designing your own invitations in one of the several online sites that offer this kind of service.

Choosing digital invitations over physical ones doesn’t mean you are giving up on elegance. No way! There are plenty of predesigned themes that can adapt perfectly to any tone you want to set for your party.

Most of the enterprises that are dedicated to digital invitations also offer tracking services, to let you know who pressed the “WILL ATTEND” button. That’s a perfect option to keep in hand a list of confirmed invitees.

If you are thinking about those who don’t use Internet, keep calm because most of these sites let you print your designs.

Take in consideration that upgrades for the services of these companies always have a cost.

So take time to visit these web pages ahead and let us know how that went:

5 simple steps to plan your party

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Planning a good party is quite a challenge because you need to take in consideration several matters. From the number of guests to the decoration, there’s lots of work to do. So, don’t lose your mind and follow these five steps to create a perfect atmosphere for every single person that will accept your invitation.

1.- Calculate your guest list

Sit down with patience and start writing the names of your guests. Meanwhile keep any social network open (Ex. Facebook) to easily find people you could invite to your event. Also think about your different social circles to avoid forgetting someone. We suggest the use of applications to save the name and contact of every guest (Ex. Attendium). Later you will have the final number to move on to the next step.

2- Define your budget

It’s easy to avoid spending money arbitrarily when you know what you want. Just define if you will include furnishing, decor, staging, lighting, live music, D.J., catering, liquor, staffing, etc. Once you got the checklist, stick strictly to it and then investigate prices. Take your time because being in a hurry will only cause trouble.

3.- Pick a date

This stage is vital. Remember to choose a date that is convenient for your guests. Also try not to coincide with other important parties. In conclusion, make sure you take in consideration holidays, other events and work hours.

4.- Choose a location

Depending on the budget calculated, elaborate a list of places where you would like to organize your party. Avoid exceeding the capacity of the location and also avoid choosing a big venue for just a few guests. Remember the existence of neighbors, in case you are planning to use a house or a building’s party hall.

5.- Hire security

Your guests want to feel safe. That’s for sure. Always try to hire security, especially for the entrance. The guards should have the list of invitees and it’s better if you give the command to deny the access to anyone that’s not in that paper.

The disco dance floor never dies!

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Let’s rewind almost 40 years.

It’s 1977 and puffy hair, fitted blazers, bell-bottoms, skin tight T-shirts, miniskirts and platform shoes are the fashion trends of the moment. In the middle of this context is released the film Saturday Night Fever, starting John Travolta as “Tony” Manero and Karen Lynn Gorney as Stephanie Mangano. Now, let’s steal the acrylic disco dance floor where these two celebrities were dancing in the movie and let’s return to 2016. ¡It’s time to party like Travolta’s younger version!

Nowadays we call that item LED (Light Emitting Diode) floor and it is popular once again, not only among theme party lovers; a true piece of art if you want to offer the whole 70’s experience.

Travolta’s dance moves were worthy of an Academy Award Nomination and they are surely worthy of thousands of theme parties, in case you are just deciding which will be the topic of your next event.

But that’s not all. LED floors are also used for corporate events. Their colors and capacity to reproduce video (depending on the model) attract the attention of the crowd, something that’s powerful when it comes to selling an idea or a product.

Also, LED floors are frequently used for fashion shows. However, white is the color that prevails on these occasions.

Remember: you’re never too old for a theme party. Enjoy!

D.J. or band at your party? Why not Both?

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When it comes to throwing a fabulous party, putting great elements together equal success. That’s why the music for your event should come from two different sources: a Disc Jockey (D.J.) and a cover band.

The D.J. brings the art of mixing and spinning music. The host or hostess can work with him or her, to choose songs for specific moments of the night or to build a playlist based on the target of his or her festivity. These are all a “must” at every event. However, this man will not work alone because a set of flashing lights, maybe some fog and a bit of fire will add a fantastic mood to his or her services. It’s simply instant fun.

On the other hand, live music is a golden treasure. When it comes to this kind of entertainment, there’s no better feeling than hearing a song played live by a good cover band. Also, it’s perfect for the audience to be able to interact with musicians, something that will cheer up the crowd. In a few words, a cover band is practically an undisputable victory. Just make sure you hear them live before taking the step of hiring them.

So… aren’t these two options a perfect fit for a party? Yes! Let the D.J. set the tone during most of the night and also bring high peaks of emotion with live music (two or three sets). We guarantee that you will not regret it. Just take in consideration that hiring both services increases the cost of your event.

Remember: variety maximizes the experience.

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