When it comes to throwing a fabulous party, putting great elements together equal success. That’s why the music for your event should come from two different sources: a Disc Jockey (D.J.) and a cover band.

The D.J. brings the art of mixing and spinning music. The host or hostess can work with him or her, to choose songs for specific moments of the night or to build a playlist based on the target of his or her festivity. These are all a “must” at every event. However, this man will not work alone because a set of flashing lights, maybe some fog and a bit of fire will add a fantastic mood to his or her services. It’s simply instant fun.

On the other hand, live music is a golden treasure. When it comes to this kind of entertainment, there’s no better feeling than hearing a song played live by a good cover band. Also, it’s perfect for the audience to be able to interact with musicians, something that will cheer up the crowd. In a few words, a cover band is practically an undisputable victory. Just make sure you hear them live before taking the step of hiring them.

So… aren’t these two options a perfect fit for a party? Yes! Let the D.J. set the tone during most of the night and also bring high peaks of emotion with live music (two or three sets). We guarantee that you will not regret it. Just take in consideration that hiring both services increases the cost of your event.

Remember: variety maximizes the experience.