Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

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The month of love arrived, the purest feeling of humanity. The date to celebrate with that beloved person and make her feel more special. Therefore, everyone begins to think about what to do to have a different intimate moment, get out of the routine and renew vows. If you still have nothing in mind, today we give you some ideas to make your romantic dinner unforgettable:

Exotic menu: If you are a couple that loves to try new things, this is the time to show off. Think about the gastronomy that you have always wanted to know and get to work. You can also try dishes with an aphrodisiac touch.

• Toast for two: To fire the spark of love, fruit cocktails, a good wine, a bottle of champagne or drinks of your choice, do not fall bad.

• Dreamlike atmosphere: How about a dinner under the stars? You do not need much, just a little creativity and a lot of love. The garden of your house can be part of the moment; some aromatic candles, floral arrangements and a table for two. A fairytale evening is possible!

• Desserts of love: If there is something that should not be missing in a relationship is the sweet touch. Give your partner an unforgettable night and close with a flourish. Cold chocolates, cupcakes or cakes with heart shapes could be your perfect allies.

• Cheerz Box: Take advantage of technology! With this mobile application you can give your partner a unique memory: photos of social networks in polaroid format. You can choose from several options such as heart magnets, personalized photo album or photo booth strips. It will be an added value that will earn you many points.

• Musical evening: Who does not like music? And more when you share that bubble of love in which both are involved. Create a playlist with your favorite songs or those that have marked your relationship. It will bring back memories that possibly, due to the monotony of day to day, have been left aside. Remember that it is an intimate moment, do not forget to turn off your cell phone and enjoy the evening. You will see how the magic lights up!

Ideas for a super bachelorette party

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We know that the preparation of a wedding entails much illusion and stress at the same time, but nothing compares to knowing that every effort was worth it, once the day arrived; and the bridesmaids play an indispensable role in the whole process, so today we bring some ideas to make an unforgettable bachelorette party.

·      Giant Balloons: Any party looks much cooler with some balloons located at strategic points. If they are balloons letters that form words referring to the wedding, much better!

·      Snacks and appetizers bar: In the middle of such an intimate celebration, it’s best for everyone to feel free taking whatever they want and whenever they want. The cocktail and snack stations are the best allies for these occasions.

·      Photocall: These spaces have become a trend and a fun way of saving memories. How about preparing a special place at the party to take the pictures? It can have a floral decoration, balloons and curtains that create a very romantic atmosphere. Also, if some props are integrated, the photos will be much more creative. The bride will be very grateful for this idea!

·      Unmistakable glasses: You can add original details to the glasses so they do not get confused. Some labels with rings and the names of each one would be a very useful idea and will give that fun touch to the celebration.

·      Girl music: What would a party without music? Do not miss the songs that encourage the atmosphere. Create a playlist with which everyone feels comfortable to have a good time.

·      Stylish signs: You can add to the decoration some signs that count the days until the wedding or sympathetic phrases.

·      Combined clothes: Some t-shirts that distinguish the guests as a part of the bride team, is a very original idea.

Remember that it is a moment in which all bridesmaids must work together to entertain one of theirs best friends and make sure she has the time of his life. Last but not least, don’t forget the funny invitations!

Create a magical atmosphere with candles

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Decorating with candles can be a very profitable and practical option that will bring a romantic touch to your parties. This versatile element never goes out of style and can make even the simplest space look absolutely splendid. The natural lighting of the fire gives the sensation of intimacy and warmth. In addition, prints its particular stamp on the celebration. Today we tell you some tips that you should know when you are decorating your parties with candles:

  • The first thing is safety. Take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. Do not forget we are decorating with fire, and they are lots of people around and materials that could burn very easily.
  • Always place the candles on a base so when the paraffin falls, it can be there to support the candle.
  • Select the candles according to your needs and decoration:
  • Tea candles: they are small, have different colors and last between 5 and 6 hours.
  • Aromatic candles: modern and perfect to acclimate with its pleasant perfume.
  • Column candles or pillars: the most used in decorations, are thick and very durable.
  • Floating candles: they are similar to tea candles. They are placed in containers with water and look extremely beautiful.
  • Candle centerpieces are an excellent option to bring elegance to the place. You can play with candles in many ways that will suit perfectly to the theme of your party. For example: butterflies placed next to a flower arrangement.

Whatever is the reason for your celebration, a candle decoration will always be a good and
elegant choice.

Technological trends for corporate events in this 2019

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It is not very difficult to imagine that this year the technology will come to make its stellar appearance in the production of corporate events, and it brings a greater challenge. Today we tell you what we’ll be seeing and enjoying in the 2019’s celebrations.
  • The consolidation of LED screens. As customers become more demanding, suppliers have to evolve. Incorporate new formats in faster time periods, that is, more advanced equipment with sharper projections. This will became a great tool.
  • Artificial intelligence. More intuitive apps, more sophisticated sound system, holograms to present products or personalities without them being physically. In short, everything in terms of innovation is put to order for the events that will make history.
  • Connection through Social Networks. Undoubtedly, the growth of the Social Network plays an important role in the evolution of humanity, and the production of events is not exempt from their influence. It is no longer customary to invite only for physical cards; digital cards are also a great help and social networks are the perfect vehicle. In addition, its coverage makes people aware of all the details. An excellent event will always give you something to talk about. And remember that if there are no photos, it did not happen!
  • Real time data. Having control of an event requires a lot of effort and valuable time, therefore, this year the processes are optimized. Today the technology allows to know live data such as the type of profiles of the users that will attend the event. An amount of data provided by app, will be very useful to solve problems and learn more about your guests for subsequent meetings. Of course, always without exceeding the limits of privacy.
  • The influencers are here to stay. Once again, the best friends of the events make their appearance to get the attention of everyone. It’s enough to post a photo, record some videos or retweet the invitation for the celebration to go to another level.
The challenge for this 2019 is, without doubt, to keep up with technological innovations because it is clear to us that everything is applicable when it comes to social events. Just a little creativity is enough and magic happens.

Weddings in the Greenery style

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Although the Greenery has been the color of 2017, this overflowing style of nature is still a very strong trend in weddings, and that freshness and romance it brings, cannot be put aside so easily. If you like it but do not know how to integrate it into your ceremony, today we help you:

  1. The first thing: define what kind of flowers and colors you want to see at your wedding. From there you can display other ideas for decoration.
  2. The invitations: start to give glimpses of how the style of your wedding will be through the cards. You can integrate floral designs or green branches. So your guests will have an idea of what they will find.
  3. A floral arch: nothing more romantic than getting married in a dreamlike environment where flowers frame the most exciting moment of your life: the “I do”.
  4. The reception: the place where all your guests will be having fun to the fullest, celebrating your union. Put some high table centers, where green highlights, will give a modern and distinguished look to your party.
  5. The cake: the sweet touch cannot be miss at your wedding, so the best idea is to keep the same line of decorative elements, on your cake, but in a very subtle and elegant way. A garland can be your best ally in this case.
  6. The bouquet: one of the most important elements of your outfit is the bouquet, so you must consider it to be in harmony with the style of your party.
  7. The botonier: the groom can also be included in this wonderful touch with a small green bouquet, this way he will see himself in agreement with you and the rest of the ceremony.
  8. Decoration of the car: even your transportation on this big day, can take this original touch. Everyone will love it!

We hope these ideas help you define the Greenery style you want for your wedding.Congratulations!

5 tips to prepare your New Year’s party

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2019 is just around the corner, but you still have time to plan an unforgettable party. If your New Year’s party has become monotonous, it’s time to bring it to life. Invite your family and friends to celebrate with style!
  • Plan the dinner several days in advance. Think of the menu you want to serve, buy all the ingredients, check that you have the amount of cutlery, plates, glasses and everything you need at the table. Also, take the time to prepare the food with enough time and serve it at a prudent hour so that you do not receive the New Year eating. Remember, that part of the essence of this festivity is sharing dinner with family and friends.
  • Create snacks and drinks stops. In every party, there should be snacks and drinks. If you are not offering trays, decorate tables with sweets, salty and drinks, it’s the perfect solution.
  • Have everything ready for the toast. Among the excitement of being reunited with family and friends, you can reach the time of the toast not being prepared. Count the number of people that will be attending, take out the drinks, cool the drinks and serve 5 minutes before 12:00 am.
  • Prepare a fabulous playlist. Music is essential to create the ideal environment. Choose topics that you know everyone will like. You can start with something soft and relaxed during dinner and go up the tone as the evening passes.
  • Fun can never be missed! You can make games with teams and challenges combined with a few drinks; creative photos, write predictions among all for the year to come or maybe make a karaoke.
Remember that you are closing a cycle in which you probably lived many things, both good and bad, and you will welcome the renewal that comes next year. The important thing is to initiate the new year with encouragement to achieve your tasks. Happy New Year!

Trends for Christmas decoration this 2018

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The most beautiful time of the year arrived and with it, endless proposals to decorate your house, or the place for your celebrations. In this 2018, the diversity of styles and colors makes of his to reinvent the classic combination of red and green. Still have not adorned? Apply these ideas:  
  • Scandinavian style: inspired by the Nordic landscapes, the forest and the winter, it appeals to the rustic or vintage decoration, using artisan techniques combined with a touch of modernity to create a contemporary atmosphere. The wood details are a must to achieve it.
  • Pastel colors: this year we will see less of the red and green classics to make space for unusual tones this season. The lilac, baby blue, eucalyptus or pink will be the predominant in this new style.
  • Snowy tree: without a doubt, one of the most requested elements this Christmas is the white tree that gives the feeling of snow and cold, is perfect to combine it with pastel shades.
  • Elements and metallic tones: they have caused furor throughout this 2018, and these parties could not stay outside of this magic style. Behind the scenes in pale gold, bronze or silver, chandeliers, chairs, tables and decorative elements such as reindeer in metal can give your home the modern touch you are looking for.
  • Rustic style: if you are bored of everything you commonly see at Christmas, this trend is for you, and the best thing is that you can do it yourself. If your spaces allow it, decorate with fabric-lined canvases of your favorite print, make bows or figures with newspaper or magazines, and homemade candles in earth tones.
  • Vintage decoration: everything that was used a few years ago or maybe decades ago, returns with strength. If you still keep the decorations that your mother or grandmother used, it’s time to dust them off. Ancient crowns made with branches, period furniture, bells and spheres, flowers, candles, flowery centerpieces, branches and fruits. All of these will fit in this fantastic style.
  If you still have not decided how to decorate your spaces for these parties, now you will have it more clear. Let’s do it!

Choose the catering for your corporate event without failing in the attempt

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How many times have you had to organize a corporate event and don’t know where to start? Today we leave you some tips to choose the perfect catering and manage to show off with your guests.
  • Trust, safety and quality are important. The first step to success is to verify for yourself that the service is worth it. You cannot leave something as delicate as feeding your guests in the hands of anyone. Make sure you have the best equipment. You can evaluate the experience, clients with whom they worked and comments, on their website or social networks, or request a tasting.
  • Define what type of event and service you want to offer. From here, the menu design, quantity and presentation will start. Depending on the event that you are going to perform, you will need one type of service or another. It’s not the same thing to organize a brunch, a cocktail or a gala dinner.
  • Flexibility when adjusting to the conditions of the event. Many times, personalization is important and it is necessary to set up a unique menu. Choose a thematic or specialized gastronomy designed exclusively for the attendees of the event.
  • Seek personalized advice. There are many things to take care of when you are managing the catering, and if you want to find what you really need, the ideal thing is that you get some advice with the experts before requesting a service. Discuss your ideas and what could work better for making them.
  • Being cautious worth for two. It never hurts to take into consideration the possible allergies that the guests may suffer. There are foods that are especially allergic, so it is not advisable to offer them on this kind of occasions.
Now go to eat the world with your event!

Metropolitan Gray: The color of 2019

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Harmony, calm and sophistication are the words that define the cold tone that will mark the new trend in 2019 the so call “Metropolitan Gray”. The perfect balance and versatility will be on your side next year with a big amount of proposals that you can combine playing with different materials and textures.

The trend that is more involved in this new style is the industrial, so you can conquer your spaces with a modern decoration accompanied by accent accessories such as furniture, cushions, sculptures or paintings, with prints and striking colors such as yellow, green or pink.

Another way to take advantage of the benefits of this gray tone is using metallic elements that bring a bright touch to the environment. Once you try it, nothing will be the same for you.

Also, we have some ideas if you are a nature lover. Play with your outside decoration and add that bright touch to create harmony and more freshness. Colorful flowers and lots of green can be the ideal complement.

Without a doubt, the simplicity and subtlety of the Metropolitan Gray will make the decoration of your spaces look much tidier without being boring. You’ll absolutely love it! And if you need any help or any more tips you can call all and we’ll be incredibly happy to help you create the perfect environment for that special day!

The mirrors are a must in the events

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We know that the mirrors are causing furor since they are a very “chic” trend, in addition they give a touch of light to the decoration, create an effect of amplitude, especially in small spaces. Today we leave you some ideas on how to combine this fine furniture with a sophisticated concept.

  • Locations at the entrance: it will be the first thing that you and your guest will see and it will leave an excellent impression.
  • Use them as a blackboard: you can write in them the menu that will be served, the starters that make up the welcome cocktail, the details that will allow you to highlight the event or simply the phrases that will be made with the environment you want.
  • Include them in places like the drinks bar or part of the photocall decoration.
  • As an auxiliary table: there are some models with geometric designs that delight in their formal simplicity. And if you are of more traditional tastes, you can choose models that maintain the style while still providing a novel touch.
  • Do not recharge the environment where you place the mirrors: remember that their function is to create a more visual space and give minimalist effect.
Undoubtedly, the mirrors are a simple and elegant option that has rebounded this year in the event decorations with the simplicity and luminosity that characterize them. If you like this trend, don’t even think about it, just do it!

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