Over the years there have been many protocols about the invitations and this had raised a lot of doubts like: Were to send it? To whom? Should I put number of guests? Among others. But the truth is, many things have changed over the years and protocol is not so strict anymore.

Nowadays people use more low cost and practical ways, to make their invitations. An example, is the electronic invitations, that are a more simple and faster way to invite your guests, also you avoid another extra responsibility ( going to the mail or deliver them in person to each guest) in the stressful job of planning an event.

Another fact that is old fashioned, is the handwritten invitation. Even though it looks beautiful, very elegant and many people like to do it this way. It isn’t a “must” anymore, now you can use another type of resources and it can also look stunning.

Also, we can discuss the theme of colors. Like we said before, the new generation like to use all digital, including invitations and amazing videos, not at all conventional but extremely original! Now, everyone has different tastes and many people like to see printed invitations, but also in this subject, many things have change. Formerly people used light colors in their invitations, even must of the cards (specially weeding invitations) were white. This idea change completely and nowadays colors took over!

With all this information, you can be sure that they’re not bad decisions, in matter of invitations for your next event. Just follow your instincts and make a design based on your tastes. Also, you have to realize that is very important to consider your guests, many people aren’t so immersed in the digital area, so maybe you have to think about the idea of doing two kind of invitations (digital and printed) and that way you’ll be sure every guest will be satisfy.

Remember always to design your invitations based on the party theme, for more tips you can get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you every step of the way!