The rules have always been the same: forks on the left, drinks on the right, conversation just slightly to the left of non-controversial.
Well, we have some news! Rules were made to be broken so, switch it up a little bit with this amazing tips, close enough to the holiday season.

1) Skip the Tablecloth: Use brown butcher paper as a placemat for a rustic look with effortless cleanup.
2) Play Mismatch: In case you don’t own a complete china set, no problem! Stack different and settle your table with non-matching plates and bowls.
3) Forget ironing and starching: Place a folded linen napkin between a full-sized dish and a salad plate.
4) Cutlery can go on the same side of the plate and not all the time you have to use so many, one pair of knife and fork is enough.
5) For a more modern look you can put the fork and knife above the dishes.
6) Don’t fret over matching wine glasses. Mix and match like the eclectic lady you are.

Have some fun planning your next party and don’t worry about so many rules to pleased your guests, we are sure that all they want is to have a good time in your company.