Zkipster calls itself “the leading event management software for the world’s best events”. That’s something big to say or write. Well… let’s take a look at the main features of this powerful tool, made to help event organizers with guest lists, seating charts, social interaction, social impact, mail marketing, and many others things.

Ahead you´ll find the 12 principal characteristics of Zkipster, those that make this software one of the market’s top:

  1. Create events, guest lists, and guest profiles in minutes with simple templates, or easily import from spreadsheets
  2. Make a floor plan for any type of venue with an easy drag and drop tool in just a few minutes. Add, remove, and swap guests whenever you need. Instant syncing lets you collaborate in real time with your team or clients.
  3. Banking-grade cloud servers
  4. Create beautiful RSVP emails and guest response forms, save the date, and other event emails in just minutes. You can use existing templates, create new ones, or simply upload existing invites to send
  5. Easily upload invite lists from spreadsheets, Salesforce, or add them on the spot. See your invite lists automatically turn into dynamic guest lists with clear status updates for invites, guest confirmation, live on-site management and post-event analytics
  6. Find and check in guests in seconds on the app, even if the Wi-Fi goes down
  7. Use Zkipster on unlimited devices
  8. Our innovative picture sourcing engine matches faces to names, sent straight to your guest list, and stored in the cloud for future events
  9. Instantly print name badges for guests and their group
  10. Your team will receive automatic text and email alerts when important invitees arrive. Guests can receive texts that inform them of their table number and other key info. Everyone stays in the loop
  11. See every single action taken at your event and what it all means, from who checked in when to which groups had the best attendance
  12. Easily connect with influencers attending your event, link your Twitter and Instagram account and create event hashtags, measure social engagement during your event, and pull Twitter and Instagram reports afterwards

In case you thought these features are pretty good, there are many ways to hire the services of Zkipster. This company offers packages per event (depending on the number of guests) and other packages with unlimited events per month.


For more information, access https://www.zkipster.com/