Web-based or native? That’s a common question event planners has when they are about to choose the perfect app for their event. It’s not an easy decision, but people from EventMobi are trying to make it way easier.

They have more than 5 years in the market of event apps, offering the chance to easily create your own app through their services. They provide a fusion between web-based and native apps so you can enjoy a software that also works when you are offline.

The main features of EventMobi are:

1. Easily drag-and-drop to customize the first page of the event app every attendee will see

2. Find your event app through their web browser or any app store

3. Generate revenue by offering sponsors in-app advertising space

4. Include great details like your logo in the app you created for your event

5. Speak to all you attendees with an event app that translates into multiple languages. Currently available in 17 languages

6. If you want to go safe, the app can ask your guests to use a credential to access

In case you are seduced by these features, there’s a free trial. Just go to www.eventmobi.com and clic the button “free trial”.

Like many event apps, EventMobi also provides metrics to measure the impact of your gathering: page views and activity details that can also be useful to find sponsors. So, getting some hard numbers won’t be a problem.

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