Nowadays, a Baby Showers is a common tradition in the United States. Nevertheless is important to know that this type of festivity, as we know it, is practically new, because it emerged after World War II with the arrival of the baby boom era. Today we have it everywhere and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the expected birth of a child.

If you are wondering how to celebrate a Baby Shower, well you just got into the right place. Ahead you´ll find essential things you must add to this kind of gathering. Let’s go!

  1. Theme: usually Baby Showers have a baby-related theme (balloons, animals, candy, cars, trains, etc.). However, everything is possible. You can try the Parisian party style or the garden party style (flowers everywhere). It’s up to you. Just remember that a Baby Shower is usually a small and calmed gathering, not a crazy event.
  2. Cake: Yes, yes, yes… you need a cake! We know a Baby Shower is not a birthday, but it’s a celebration that requires a cake.
  3. Breakfast: If you decide to do your Baby Shower in the morning -a great idea-, prepare a phenomenal breakfast for your guests: eggs, pancakes, waffles, creams, coffee (lots of coffee), etc. This is a main subject.
  4. Drinks: Even though Baby Showers are usually done during daylight, some cocktails are vital. The perfect drinks for these types of events are Mimosas (champaign and orange juice) and Summer Red Wine (wine and 7up/Sprite).
  5. Table for gifts: your invitees will bring gifts for your future baby, so accommodate a table, with flowers, to be the place where your guests leave their presents. Don´t forget to include a box for those who will bring envelopes with money.
  6. Games: Baby Showers must include games! Some of them are: Baby Shower Bingo, Baby’s first portrait, Late-Night Diaper Notes, and others.

ATT: Baby Showers are usually only for women. Nevertheless, lately we´ve seen mixed Baby Showers.