We know usually budget is not your best ally, when it comes to organizing an event. That’s why is vital to find ways to save money, without affecting the core of your master plan. One of these options is to discard physical invitations and bet for video invitations.

You must be wondering: Why video invitations? Well, the answer to that question is easy. It’s more personal and fun than choosing a social network’s event feature to let your guests know you’re inviting them to a certain gathering.

Video invitations are useful for any kind of event and you can send them easily through an email or through any free text message service (Whatsapp, Line, etc.).

Gather good material to create a video with any of the services we will mention ahead.

Make sure the material you choose have good quality in order to obtain a mind-blowing final product. Remember your guest will be ready to destroy you if you send a poor video invitation. Be neat, be creative, but especially be original.

Ahead you’ll find some options to create your video invitations for your next event:


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